New Hampshire election audit reveals extra votes for Democratic candidate

Following November’s election, some conservative pundits and politicians alleged that malfunctioning voting machines had resulted in additional votes going to Democratic candidates.

Although such theories have been roundly dismissed by the mainstream media, an audit found at least one case in which it apparently happened.

“No evidence of fraud or political bias”

According to the Daily Wire, a recount in Windham, New Hampshire, revealed that ballot-counting machines arrived at a different tally than when the votes were counted by hand.

The disparity was apparently related to the manner in which absentee ballots were folded by another machine, which caused them to be excluded from the final count. Notably, the result reportedly reflected an inflated vote count for a local Democratic candidate.

State House candidate Kristi St. Laurent, a Democrat, called for the audit. Despite the uncovered counting error, officials say “no evidence of fraud or political bias” was evident in the results of the recount.

A WMUR report stated that the machine in question was borrowed from the DMV and had previously been used to fold car registration documents, not ballots.

Auditor Harri Hursti attempted to explain the situation by pointing to an unexpected anomaly in the process, which creates a shadow identified as “the root cause of what has been causing the phantom votes.”

“I wish it wasn’t ending”

She went on to note that additional tests might still be conducted on the town’s voting machines in search of other potential irregularities, adding: “We have to try to figure out if those are contributing factors.”

Mark Lindeman, another auditor, dismissed any suggestion that fraudulent intent played a role in the discrepancy.

“I have heard no one actually articulate a credible hypothesis of how fraud could account for what we found,” he declared.

Some residents are not yet convinced, however. One such skeptic is Tom Murray, a local contractor who does not believe the audit has gone far enough to root out irregularities and identify their causes.

“I wish it wasn’t ending,” he said. “There is still a lot more work that needs to be done. If you are going to turn over every rock and look at every possibility, there is a lot of evidence that hasn’t been looked at.”

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