New Jersey Republican councilwoman murdered

 February 3, 2023

A New Jersey Republican councilwoman and mother was senselessly murdered outside her home Wednesday night. 

Sayreville woman Eunice Dwumfour, 30, was gunned down inside her car in what police are calling a "targeted" attack.

Republican woman murdered

Dwumfour was shot multiple times -- witnesses say they heard ten shots -- by an assailant who approached on foot outside the Camelot at La Mer apartment complex.

The white Nissan Dwumfour was driving then traveled a short distance before crashing into two cars. Dwumfour was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It took a second before I realized there was a dead body behind the wheel,” a witness told New York Post. "There was one bullet hole in the passenger door and a bunch of bullet holes in the driver door. Some other neighbors said they saw someone running away with a mask on.”

The police have described the attack as "targeted", but they have yet to share details on a motive or who could be behind the vicious crime.

Christian, mother

In 2021, Dwumfour was elected to the borough council in Sayreville, located in Middlesex County. She was one of five children in a Ghanaian family, the New York Post reported, and leaves behind a little girl and a husband who she recently married.

The U.S. born-Dwumfour, who grew up in Newark, is being remembered by those who knew her as a kind woman and faithful Christian who was dedicated to her community.

"She was very humble, had respect," her grief-stricken father, Prince, said of Dwumfour.

The FBI has said they are involved in the case.

"The FBI is aware of that incident and we are working with all of our partners in order to find out more about that incident," FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Newark Field Office, James E. Dennehy, said.

Speculation of political motive

The attack comes amid a rise in political tensions and threats against public officials, but Middlesex County prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone told ABC News that there is no evidence of a political motive at the moment.

New Jersey's Democratic governor Phil Murphy, who is an advocate of strict gun control, also said the murder does not appear to be politically motivated although it looks "very specific."

"It does not appear to be related to her position as an elected councilwoman in Sayreville,” he said. "I promise you that we’ll do anything we can to track down this murderer."

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