New study claims COVID death toll is actually much higher than official estimates show

The COVID-19 pandemic has been linked to a devastating death toll on the U.S. and nations around the world, but new data suggests the true impact has been even higher than most estimates indicate.

According to the Washington Examiner, a new study makes the bold claim that the actual number of fatalities linked to the virus tops 900,000 Americans, nearly twice the official toll of just over half a million.

“Likely an underestimate”

Researchers at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation calculated the figure by comparing the actual death rate with what would have been anticipated under pre-pandemic conditions, arriving at what is known as “excess mortality.”

The study concluded that most of that excess is directly attributable to COVID-19, meaning the actual death rate is likely much higher than initially assumed.

Those who died in an uptick of opioid overdoses and because they did not receive critical health care during pandemic-related lockdowns were said to have been offset by drops in deaths from certain other causes, including influenza.

Of course, it could be years before the U.S. determines just how many preventable deaths occurred because of the pandemic and related measures implemented to reduce its spread. Researchers acknowledged that they did not have reliable estimates for some factors, such as suicides.

“The main potential increases in excess mortality due to deferred care and increases in drug overdose and depression are hard to quantify at this point or are of a much smaller magnitude,” the report concluded. “Given that there is insufficient evidence to estimate these contributions to excess mortality, for now we assume that total COVID-19 deaths equal excess mortality. For the reasons presented in this section, we believe that this is likely an underestimate.”

“The actual toll is significantly worse”

The study also estimates that the pandemic has resulted in the death of nearly 7 million people worldwide, compared to the official toll of 3.25 million.

“As terrible as the COVID-19 pandemic appears, this analysis shows that the actual toll is significantly worse,” said Dr. Chris Murray, the institute’s director.

By official counts, nearly 200,000 Americans have died in the months since President Joe Biden was inaugurated, accounting for nearly one-third of the total.

As vaccination rates continue to climb, however, the rate of those deaths appears to be steadily dropping. For his part, Biden has insisted that Americans keep practicing measures such as social distancing and mask use.

While it is still too early to determine which approach to the pandemic is most beneficial, it seems clear that the Biden has received more favorable treatment by the mainstream media than former President Donald Trump.

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6 Responses

  1. I believe the study is crap. First off if you die with covid thats what you died from, not hitting a tree at 100mph. They just want Americans to stay masked and kept quiet.

  2. They will NEVER know the true numbers because there have been too many lies and too much subterfuge related to this liberal fear-mongered, “panicdemic” flu, starting with Mr. Falsey! The fact of the matter is, they have attributed deaths of people in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, from cancer, heart attacks, and on and on and on to this flu, and it has had absolutely nothing to do with their deaths. The CDC itself announced several months into it that only a fraction of the deaths could be attributed to this virus alone – the bulk of those who died had other serious health conditions from which they may have died from regardless. I know two people personally who have lost loved ones to other causes, but the medical people wanted to attribute the deaths to this virus — the family would have none of it. All about controlling us and forcing us to bow to their will. I have not, and will not!!! 🙁

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  5. I believe the real deaths from Covid-19 are much less than it was reported. If you removed any obvious deaths like gun shot, car accident, heart attack, seasonal flu (which doesn’t exist anymore since Covid PLAN-demic took over) …etc… off the list then you would have the real covid-19 deaths.
    Also in many cases people get Covid-19 after taking covid vaccine and with the combination of wearing mask that would make it hard for the body to fight off the virus because the mask had weaken the immune system.
    So there you go! Covid PLAN-demic = Depopulation PLAN

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