New study reveals that obesity is a major risk factor for serious COVID events

While he has not been shy about threatening the American people with restrictions and mandates, President Joe Biden and his team of public health “experts” have never advised Americans to make healthier lifestyle choices to reduce their risk from COVID-19.

A new study shines a spotlight on a simple, tough truth that Biden and countless “experts” have tried their best to ignore: obesity is a major risk factor, the Daily Caller reports. 

Obesity a major factor

The Cleveland Clinic study found that obese individuals who have received bariatric surgery in the past had a 60% reduced risk of severe disease, 49% lower risk of hospitalization, and 63% reduction in risk for needing supplemental oxygen.

The study followed a group of 5,000 obese people who received weight-loss surgery, and had a control group of roughly 15,000 obese patients who did not receive weight loss surgery.

Since about 40% of Americans are obese, it might be advisable for public health authorities to mention the role of weight more in their messaging, said the study’s senior author, Dr. Steven Nissen.

“This study suggests that an emphasis on weight loss as a public health strategy can improve outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic and future outbreaks or related infectious diseases,” he said, according to the Daily Caller.

While this data is hardly groundbreaking, it’s not convenient for America’s public health bureaucracy and the one-size-fits-all regime of demoralizing restrictions and coercive mandates they have been pushing on all Americans, including the young and healthy, for almost two years.

Corrupt ideologues

Just as they have ignored the role of obesity, the likes of Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci have dismissed the science on natural immunity in order to scapegoat the unvaccinated, who pose a threat to no one, for Biden’s failure to stop the virus from spreading.

They have also sought to stir up a panic over the trivial risk the virus poses to kids to justify their self-serving, cowardly agenda and the harm it is causing to the nation’s youth.

If they really cared about COVID-19, the “public health” bureaucrats would spend less time fearmongering, less time babying the country with pointless mask mandates and dividing people by vaccination status, and more time talking about the importance of staying fit.

But that’s not what dangerously corrupt ideologues do.

Public health policy should not — cannot — be politicized like this.

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