New White House press secretary bombs after reporter asks basic inflation question

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy did his best to break in the new White House press secretary with his patented tough line of questioning, possibly getting the administration in trouble with his quarries about the inflation rate and who would bear the brunt of the impact.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s first official day was marked by ridicule by conservatives, according to Fox News after she responded to questions about a recent tweet from Biden about making sure the “wealthiest corporations pay their fair share.”

“How does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of a used car, the cost of food, for everyday Americans?” Doocy asked.

According to Fox’s assessment of the exchange, her response was “a rambling, incoherent statement consisting of imprecise Democrat talking points about taxing the rich and climate change.”

“So, look, I think we encourage those who have done very well, especially those who care about climate change, to support a fairer tax code that doesn’t change – doesn’t charge manufacturers, workers, cops, builders, a higher percentage of their earnings.”

During her press conference, Jean-Pierre talked about the impact of not letting the “most fortunate people in our nation” “stand in the way of reducing energy costs,” and supporting “basic collective bargaining rights as well.”

She also dabbled in the issue of a “fairer tax code,” arguing that “it’s not fair” for “manufacturing workers, cops” to have to pay “higher taxes” than the “folks who are not paying taxes.”

The newly minted press secretary’s response caused a chain reaction across Twitter with The Heritage Foundation’s John Cooper summing up the exchange by saying, “Big yikes.”

Republican communications specialist Matt Whitlock claimed Jean-Pierre’s response was as bad as Vice President Kamala Harris, tweeting, “From the Kamala Harris and Michael Scott School of Communications where you just start a sentence and see where it takes you, regardless of the question you were asked.

“It actually looks like she’s maybe just reading the wrong answer from her written talking points here – regardless of Peter’s question,” Whitlock added. “Talking points are fine – but you should at least try to answer a question.”

The Liberty Daily editor J.D. Rucker wrote, “It’s only Karine Jean-Pierre’s first day so we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Dodging questions is easy. Eventually she’ll master the art of her predecessor to blame Republicans, Trump, Putin, or Peter Doocy for all the evil of the world.”

Republican author Nick Adams threw in some economic advice for Jean-Pierre, tweeting, “What DOESN’T curb inflation: -Taxing the Rich. What DOES curb inflation: -Increased labor participation rate -Reduced government spending -Quantitative tightening -Lower energy prices… Somebody give Karine Jean-Pierre some notes!”


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