New York AG Letitia James teases Trump news, announces $250M civil lawsuit

As the November midterms near, Democrats are trying every legal tactic they can to muddy Donald Trump’s name.

That was evidenced once again, as Fox News reported, on Wednesday as New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) announced a $250 civil suit against Trump and everyone in his family that works for the Trump Organization. 

“Claiming you have money that you do not have does not amount to the art of the deal, It’s the art of the steal,” James said during the lawsuit’s announcement.

The suit concerns James’ accusation that the former president artificially inflated the values of his properties over the years, and other assets, to obtain more favorable loan terms.

The accusations

James poured over the “evidence” she claims to have showing that Trump, and members of his family — namely his adult children — inflated the values of various assets to boost their chances of better loan rates and access to more money.

“We found that Mr, Trump, his children, and the corporation used more than 200 false asset valuations over a ten year period,” James said at the presser.

She went on to claim that Trump and his company, through “persistent and repeated business fraud,” talked banks into providing larger loans, based on what she says were inflated values.

Trump and his attorneys respond

It only took minutes for the former president to post several messages on Truth Social backing his claim that James is only engaging in the lawsuit for political expediency, and nothing more.

Trump wrote in one post: “Attorney General Letitia “Peekaboo” James, a total crime fighting disaster in New York, is spending all of her time fighting for very powerful and well represented banks and insurance companies, who were fully paid, made a lot of money, and never had a complaint about me, instead of fighting murder and violent crime, which is killing New York State. She is a failed A.G. whose lack of talent in the fight against crime is causing record numbers of people and companies to flee New York. Bye, bye!”

Trump attorney Alina Habba responded to the lawsuit as well.

“Today’s filing is neither focused on the facts nor the law — rather, it is solely focused on advancing the Attorney General’s political agenda.”