New York Times says Democrats are worried Stacey Abrams is losing steam

Democrats are worried that Stacey Abrams’ campaign is losing steam as she prepares for a re-match against Georgia governor Brian Kemp (R) this November, the New York Times reported.

The liberal newspaper conceded that Abrams is struggling to energize the Democratic party’s base, leaving allies “pessimistic.”

Dems worried about Abrams

It’s a bit of an ironic problem for Abrams to have, seeing that the Democratic operative has been credited with helping to drive the state’s blue shift.

While Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock is in a dead heat with Republican and former NFL running back Herschel Walker, a recent poll found Kemp leading his race by a healthy eight points.

Some of Abrams’ allies are chalking up her struggles to misogyny among black men, who are showing less enthusiasm for her this time around than in 2018, when she faced Kemp the first time.

An internal poll by the Abrams campaign found her support with black men has fallen eight points since 2018, and another poll found her black support overall stands at 80 percent, a “dangerously low” figure, the Times said.

Steve Phillips, a Democratic donor and Abrams supporter, said the issue is “just sexism” and that “the picture of leadership we have, Stacey is like the opposite.”

Clobbering incoming?

Others, though, are blaming complacency by Abrams, with some saying she has taken the votes of black men for granted.

“Why do you think you can call the Black men just a few weeks before the election, one time, and expect to get the results that you need?” said Kevin Harris, a former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus and a leader of Biden’s 2020 campaign in Georgia.

Another leg of Abrams’ strategy, peeling away Republican moderates, is not bearing fruit thanks to her notoriety as a progressive, the Times report said.

Abrams notoriously claimed that her narrow loss to Kemp in 2018 was rigged, something Republicans have continued to mention as evidence of the Democratic party’s hypocritical disregard for democratic norms.

In another sign of vulnerability for Abrams, she has repudiated the politically toxic “defund the police” movement that she once supported and is rebranding as some kind of champion for law-and-order. Talk about desperation.