New York’s Mondaire Jones becomes latest Dem to reverse course on ‘defund the police’

Democrats are still trying to shake off a well-earned reputation for being soft-on-crime as the midterm elections get closer.

New York Democrat Mondaire Jones is the latest member of his party to make a 180 degree turn on “defund the police,” the New York Post reported.

Dem flipflops on defund police

The “defund” movement took off during the George Floyd uprising two summers ago when Democrats encouraged and made excuses for “mostly peaceful” riots around the country.

At the time, Jones was as clear as could be in his support of the defund police movement, saying, “of course we need to end mass incarceration, and legalize cannabis and defund the police.”

Like many Democrats, he also called for police funding to be diverted to “social workers, and youth employment.” But two years later, cities that slashed police budgets have since reversed course and persistently high crime rates have made “defund” stigma a burden Democrats can’t quite shake.

After President Biden called to refund police in his State of the Union address, Jones said, “Black Americans don’t want to send police officers out of their communities.”

In a recent interview, Jones also told Huffington Post that the “defund” slogan was “not the best phrase to articulate a vision for how to move toward humane, more effective policing that doesn’t brutalize black and brown communities while still keeping them safe.”

From “defund” to “refund”

Why the change? Redistricting forced Jones out of his Westchester district into a competitive primary in New York City, where an aide to the mayor was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday night. Apparently, Jones doesn’t want to be the one candidate who didn’t get the memo on pretending to be tough on crime.

To demonstrate his law-and-order credentials, he told the New York Post that the state needs to throw more tax dollars at the “root causes of crime” like “underinvestment in public schools and housing.” He didn’t mention Democrat bail reform policies that are emboldening violent criminals.

Jones also tried to connect with New Yorkers living in fear by citing his efforts against “white supremacist domestic terrorism,” but he wasn’t able to cite any examples of said terrorism in his district.

He mentioned an uptick in “hate crime” attacks in New York City, although, Jones surely knows that it isn’t “white supremacists” carrying out the majority of these acts. Is he counting on voters being too dumb to know better?

Democrats can’t run on their crime record, so they’re just re-writing history and acting like they never declared war on police. Best of luck to them.

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