News agencies sue for access to video, 911 call from Paul Pelosi attack

 January 23, 2023

It has been nearly three months since a man entered the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and brutally attacked her husband with a hammer.

Authorities have since provided relatively little information about the attack, something that a group of news agencies are suing over. 

According to the Associated Press, it has joined with a coalition of newspapers and television networks to file suit against the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office for access to video footage from the night in question along with audio from a 911 call made by Paul Pelosi.

Not everyone is so eager to get all the facts, however, something which was recently pointed out by conservative blogger Stacey Matthews.

Journalists becoming impatient

Matthews writes for the website Legal Insurrection, and she noted in an article published this weekend that some members of the mainstream media have been strangely reluctant to see more details regarding the attack released.

"Around the same time NBC News was frantically working to nuke Almaguer’s story, so-called 'journalists' at the Washington Post were arguing against the release of the Pelosi tapes on grounds that it would fuel conspiracy theories or something," she wrote.

As an example, she pointed to a series of tweets from November in which Washington Post columnist Philip Bump contended that increased transparency surrounding the attack would somehow contribute to conspiratorial thinking.

Conspiracy theory

"There is no obvious mystery about the attack on Paul Pelosi. With insistences that surveillance video needs to be released, though, the conspiracy theories continue to chug along," the Post contributor wrote.

Conspiracy theories feed both by linking together unrelated things and by implying that something more is being hidden," Bump continued.

"Demanding the video is often just a way of doing the latter. And if released, it would likely add to the former," he insisted.

Suspect flew gay pride flag and BLM banner

Matthews also pushed back on the narrative advanced by many media figures and Democratic politicians  that Pelosi's alleged attacker, David DePape, is a conservative Republican.

She is not the only person to challenge that narrative, as Fox New host Tucker Carlson did so as well on an episode of his show.

Carlson pointed out how DePape is an illegal immigrant, with neighbors recounting how he flew an LGBTQ Pride flag along with a Black Lives Matter banner outside of his home.

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