‘I no longer want to do this job’: 22-year news anchor resigns, says ‘media needs more balance’

Kari Lake, a 22-year veteran news anchor, resigned from her Phoenix-area Fox station on Tuesday, calling for more “balance” and diverse viewpoints within journalism, according to the Arizona Republic.

“Sadly, journalism has changed a lot since I first stepped into a newsroom, and I’ll be honest: I don’t like the direction it’s going,” Lake said in a video statement about why she resigned.

“The media needs more balance in coverage and a wider ranger of viewpoints represented in every newsroom at every level and in each position,” she added.

“The time is right”

Lake also said in her statement that she hasn’t “felt proud to be a member of the media” over the last few years.

“I’m sure there are other journalists out there who feel the same way. I found myself reading news copy that I didn’t believe was fully truthful, or only told part of the story,” she said. “And I began to feel that I was contributing to the fear and division in this country by continuing on in this profession.

“It’s been a serious struggle for me and I no longer want to do this job anymore,” Lake added. “So I’ve decided the time is right to do something else, and I’m leaving Fox 10. I thank Fox for their understanding as I’ve come to this decision, and I am grateful for the opportunities they provided for me to cover so many big stories over the years.”

Lake said she’s thankful that many people watching the news have figured out that a number of top anchors and media personalities are not totally truthful.

“As I close this chapter of my career, there will probably be some hit pieces written about me. Not everyone is dedicated to telling the truth, but thankfully, many of you have figured that out. I promise you, if you hear it from my lips, it will be truthful,” Lake said.

“It is scary walking away”

According to the Arizona Republic, Lake was previously at the center of controversy in 2019, when she was forced off the air temporarily after, “unaware a Facebook Live event had started early, she uttered the F-word accidentally while disparaging” another local publication.

In this instance, however, the journalist seems to have the support of her colleagues, and while Lake admits that it was hard to walk away from a job she has held for so long, she said she’s relying on her faith to get her through it.

“It is scary walking away from a good job and a successful career, especially in difficult times,” she concluded in her statement. “I know God has my back and will guide me to work that aligns with my values.”

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12 Responses

  1. I think a lot of these news anchors should resign and try to join the Blaze Newsmax and America’s voice .

  2. It takes a lot of guts & fortitude to tell it like it is – we all know journalism & true reporting is DEAD!!
    My u find ur path & journey in life where u find fulfillment – we the true American ppl wish u the BEST IN LIFE!

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  4. Proud of you, stick to your values and the lord will find you the opportunity to do great things that make you love doing at the same time.

  5. If you want truthful and unbiased news,” NEWSMAX” is a good station”The Epoch Times” is a good NEWSPAPER if you want fair and truthful reporting.

  6. God bless you,Kari, for finally standing up for what is correct. Probably over 90 % of news casters will not do as you have done. They seem to like the ratings which make them and their employer popular.

  7. You shall no the truth, and the truth will set you free. I hope your colleagues in other cable news and media will see the light and do the right thing. Enough damage has been done to our world of truth. Enough is enough.

  8. She did not state the real root of the problem. That being ,Honest journalism is essentially dead. Under the disguise of journalism it is pure 100% political activism and biased lies. Due to that fact , the privileges afforded th 4th estate should be reeled in from those organizations and only given to actual “NEWS” organizations that refrain from biased agendas. A good reporter ,anchor ,commentator’s politics should be muted and remain an unknown.

  9. God Bless you Kari, I saw you last night on Stinchfield, it is always best to stick up for what is right, even though it costs you in this World, it will be to you benefit in the next. By the way, you are definitely conservative, you didn’t know for sure if you would qualify, but when I heard what you believed in, there is no doubt.

  10. Kari is the best! She will be missed, but God will lead her to the right place. Now, hopefully more news anchors will follow suit, speak out against false or mis leading stories, force the stations to give out real, factual, true stories without the biased spin they put on them! I hope to see that here in Arizona.

  11. My complements to Ms. Kari Lake for her principled action. I hope other newscasters will seriously reflect on her courage and decision and try to get right.

  12. Good for her. I have been praying for this very thing to happen. I was hoping it would happen on CNN, MSNBC, etc. The fact that it happened locally is a good start. More of this needs to happen. Honest journalists need to join together and start their own station. There is such a need for truthful reporting.God be with you, Kari, as others have already said.

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