Newsmax anchor apologizes to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for walking off set during interview

Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers said frustration over a misunderstanding led to him walking off set during an interview with MyPillow CEO and staunch Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell on Tuesday, and Sellers apologized on air to Lindell for his actions.

Sellers said he thought Lindell came on the show to discuss cancel culture and tech censorship, but that Lindell seemed to keep turning the topic to election fraud, which Sellers did not want to discuss.

In fact, the two topics were closely connected in that Lindell was permanently banned from Twitter last week because he has refused to stop talking about election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, which he thinks Trump really won.

During the interview with Sellers, Lindell said he had “100% proof” of election fraud related to the Dominion voting machines used in many swing districts and states, and that’s why Twitter banned him.

Mea culpa

In a video clip that now has more than 10 million views, Sellers is shown getting more and more agitated at the direction of the interview.

At one point, Sellers asks the off-camera producers, “Can we get out of here please?”

He then said, “I don’t want to have to keep going over this. We at Newsmax have not been able to verify any of those allegations that you’re…”

But on Wednesday, Sellers used part of his air time to reiterate that Lindell is a friend of the network. “If you watched American Agenda yesterday, you may have seen something out of the ordinary happen during an interview with Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow,” Sellers said. “Mike is a friend of this network, and we were supposed to discuss Twitter’s decision to ban him and the impacts of cancel culture on his business.”

“I was frustrated that we couldn’t focus on the current, very pressing issue of free speech and cancel culture and, in hindsight, there is no question that I could have handled the end of the interview differently,” he continued, adding that Newsmax has not been able to verify the election fraud evidence that Lindell–or anyone else–claims to have.

Lindell permanently banned

Twitter permanently shut down not only Lindell’s personal Twitter account but the corporate MyPillow account as well after Lindell used it to post about the election.

In addition to the Twitter bans, major retailers Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, H-E-B and Wayfair have stopped selling MyPillow products. Still, Lindell refused to back down from sharing his beliefss about the election.

“The real people don’t care. Pillows are not political,” Lindell said, adding that he plans to sell direct if retailers continue to drop the products.

Lindell became somewhat of an advisor to Trump in his last days and weeks in office. Trump never conceded to President Joe Biden and continues to say the election was “stolen” from him.

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66 Responses

    1. Why are you on Newsmax you sound biased like a Liberal. As far as FOX NEWS goes I was a dedicated watcher for years and years and then the owner Fox News died and his two sons inherited Fox. One of the brothers are Republican and the other I believe is Democrat. We keep fighting for Tucker, Shane, and the Judge, and Laura. These shows keep Fox going if they let them go because of woke or whatever reason, they won’t have many viewers left who give a hoot about Fox. We are not stupid people we can do damage when we need too.

      1. That we can as Fox News realized the night of the election when they called a state.for Biden very early on in the counting process. Fox News was immediately put under fire by its watchers who called them frauds and bias for Biden on their show when the did that! I have not watched Fox News since that night and I know thousands have not watched them either. That’s what happens when good fair news goes sour and becomes dirty News!

      2. The owner is coming back to straighten out Fox from His sons damage that they did. The man that died that ur talking about was the CEO of Fox Roger Ailes. God I hope dad can fix the network.

    2. Agree —-Sellers is not qualified to speak for Conservatives and if newsmax joins the left in repeating over & over what Sellers said about newsmax cannot verify dominion fraud a fact a sixth grader who keeps up knows then Newsmax is not the alternative we hoped for.

    3. You lost me as a viewer. I will never support NEWSMAX again. You are like all the rest a fence sitter!!! I’m sick of fence sitters!!!!

    4. What I can’t understand Bob sellers is that you were trying to focus on the current issues of free speech while depriving Mike lindell of free speech. I have also noticed how rude you are in cutting other people off when they are trying to say something. it is like you invite a guest on just to give them your own opinion.

      1. Excellent video. Opened my eyes. I knew it was bad but didn’t know all that evidence was out there. I tried to post it on fb groups but they were full of trolls. There loss. We have to get this info out to those dumb dems.

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  2. Good for Mike Lindell – he is saying what millions of us also believe. When a person is interviewed, all relevant topics should be addressed. Sellers should have known that – was Mike his first interview with a knowledgable individual? Election fraud was obvious in all the videos and the affidavits that hundreds of people signed.

  3. Newsmax is a great institution. Mike Lindell is a great American. So they had a kerfuffle. I’ll continue to watch Newsmax and I’ll continue buying Lindell’s MY PILLOW. No big deal.

      1. correct! it’s like asking you what came first, the egg or the chicken, cancel culture came about due to apparent election irregularities!

  4. The election was stolen. That you can’t find evidence is complete bull.
    I’m with Mike the pillow man. So is 75 million of us.

  5. Has any agency proven that the election wasn’t stolen? All the Government agencies refuse to investigate the thousands of sworn affidavits and refuse to do a forensic investigation into the voting machines! The integrity of our election process is in question and the justices system turns a blinds eye to the evidence! Shameful!

    1. the supreme court didn’t do their job like they should have they should have let all evidence b seen an then decide not let one biased judge turn it down just because that judge didn’t like president trump it was not a fair election it was a third world rigged election the crooks are running thr asylum now

      1. Now they are letting a Judge who has stated that he can’t wait to see Trump impeached reside over the hearings…how is that fair?!?!?!

    2. We are now known as the “Banana Republic of Communist States of America” !!!! We even have knuckle draggers as leaders!

  6. Sellers acted like a child and refuses to admit the truth we all know the election was stolen by the democratic party through Dominion, boarding up windows, bringing in illegal ballots etc etc . The democratic party is so corrupt all they want to do is win no matter what the cost, no matter what race or color you are. Wake up folks they are giving are country away and padding their bank accounts.

  7. Any company that lets their political bias show and affect their customer base is a real loser. I will never shop those mentioned companies again. I have cancelled memberships and subscription s.

  8. I agree. A decent interviewer would have pursued Mr. Lindell’s evidence, and his reasons for his strong beliefs in the evidence of election fraud. Will someone else follow up on that?

  9. Mike Li Dell was just STATING FACTS, what happened to the independent contractor that were to go through the voting machines in question and look for tampering or the possibility that the machines were tampered with, what about the voters who mailed in the ballots that had no business doing so, did it anyways, when will justice prevail, so these retailers dropped his product then MY PILLOW will prevail with loyal supporters

  10. I know that the election was stolen. Mike Lindell knows the election was stolen. 75 million people know the election was stolen. What we need to be addressing is why our judges and supreme court are turning a blind eye! The system is out of control.

    1. 85+ million voters is closer. That’s how many were in the Patriot Party as of a week ago today. Add patriots like you and me and you’ll have perhaps 100 million. The courts were either intimidated when SCOTUS wouldn’t hear the case. No Standing? They work for us or have they forgotten that? Or else the courts have been bought off like $2.00 hooker, same morals.

    2. I agree! There are video’s, people swearing under legal issues that they saw the voting being rigged. We have Stacy Abrams who’s sister was the Judge that oversaw the voting. The Judge wasn’t going to let in the mailed votes until Stacy was put in charge of it, then the Judge “changed her mind”. Corruption everywhere!!! The dems were pretty smart in putting Judges and people in charge to make everything flow for them. They stole the election and had people in charge who said it wasn’t. The American People have been shafted once again by the Dems.

  11. I am so sick and tire of those polling places that come up days later with “oooppppps these ballots got misplaced or whatever “lie” that they come up with. I worked 20 years and a clerk and then an election judge and we NEVER went home until EVERY ballot was accounted for. I had only one challenge in all those years. That was when one candidate did NOT understand the the total numbers cast in that race was LESS than the total number of ballots cast. Everyone involved at that time tried to explain that often voters will not cast a vote in that race if they know nothing about those particular candidates. The COUNT was correct! I also required that everyone have that proper ID! I even made my husband go back home and get his ID one time.

  12. 2 We believe that no government can exist in peace, except such laws are framed and held inviolate as will secure to each individual the free exercise of conscience, the right and control of property, and the protection of life.

  13. I for one was shocked at how you treated him – you treated him the exact same way the other networks treated our President Trump and you condemned them then condone it by your actions….Very disappointed in this action….

    1. The reason sleepy joe stayed in the basement was so no one would see what a doddering old fool he is.And they could sit in front of him and try to coach him when he did show his head like puxatony Phil the ground hog

      1. Jerry, I agree, but what do we as Americans think about our brother Americans that will vote for a person who sat in his basement all that time, never told America what he stood for, Has problems with son in China,Russia Ukraine etc. atop being mentally unable to do the job? What do we say about our American brothers and sisters that voted for sleepy Joe and his V.P. Harris who could not even get the majority in her own state? How could there not be fraud for one and are our brother and sister Americans that gullible and down right stupid? makes you think!!

  14. The reason B was allowed to stay in his basement, rather than do rallies, is that the dems had at least 10 ways to steal the election. They knew from the beginning that real votes for T would be “lost” or stolen, or switched, while they piled in fraudulent votes, perhaps a million, and then claimed victory. The dems were never going to allow an honest count. NOW they want to make it illegal to even talk about the fraud. There will be a lot of dems who wake up and realize how foolish they were, as they watch B try to ruin America in so many ways.

    1. Don’t you all get it, Biden wasn’t elected he was appointed in order to remove Obama from being the worst President in History. Obama is the one behind the microphone telling Biden what to say and do ( the earpiece ). Biden will soon be replaced with Harris installed so to move Obama into third worst possition!

  15. How foolish people who think that they are important diss people who they don’t agree with, and thus also are dissing ‘we the little people’. There are great numbers of ‘we the little people’, who buy products and support networks, etc. By dissing those you don’t agree with, you turn us off to you who think that you’re so important. We have money, and we buy products from people who we appreciate for standing up for us, for voicing what we think.
    The “great tolerance” of the ‘left and never Trumpers’ is not so ‘great’ or ‘tolerant’….unless it is what they believe (most of the time which is wrong)! We can take our money elsewhere!

  16. Agree with all above posts! Guess newsmax better watch their journalists a bit better, don’t go the way of msm or you will become irrelevant like cnn!

  17. Never thought much of newsmax but definitely something going on there as well! Swamp is everywhere & The People Better wake up…

    1. I watched it tonight. Hubby saw it on YouTube and grabbed it before they took it down. I think the full SCOTUS should have a day or evening viewing of the whole thing and then they can decide. I may be able to post it on some site with Mike’s address only. I have felt right from the time I went to bed on the night of Nov. 3-4 that something fishy was going on. Thanks for posting another link.

  18. I was going to switch to NewsMax because of some positive comments from friends. But the day I tuned in I saw how Mr. Lindell was treated. Sellers definitely had an agenda and when he didn’t get his way he was very rude. NewsMax is not for me.

    1. Don’t condemn the whole program because of this idiot. The rest of the people are first rate and this guy will be weeded out if he continues acting like a liberal and rude buffoon. Newsmax and One America News is the only news choices we have other than the liberal propaganda networks.

  19. What IF everyone communicated with these 4 organizations. Requesting the MY PILLOW . Smother them with requests.

  20. Its really hard to find evidence of anything unless you actually LOOK for it.
    I think they once called it “Investigating”. I know, lost art when the truth is given to you every morning.

  21. It doesn’t matter if he apologizes. He is now the Chris Wallace of newsmax in my opinion and I will pick and choose what programming I watch on newsmax just like I do on FOX. Regardless of his political opinion, which he is entitled to have one, his behavior was rude and extremely liberal like. I didn’t like it and I won’t forget it.

  22. Some of the NEWSMAX folks are following
    the road to disaster …. stopped watching FOX
    folks except for Dobbs .
    The five have to get rid of some liberals.
    We see enough from the FAKE LIBERAL NEWS

  23. I watched Mike Lindell’s documentary concerning voter fraud. It is very compelling and deserves viewing. Big Tech has it almost impossible to find. Why?? They do not want the populace to see facts or ask questions. If you can please view

  24. Don’t want to discuss RIGGED STOLEN ELECTION??? Why not – it happened & we the ppl saw our votes our election our voices STOLEN from us! ILLEGITIMATE CHINA JOE POTUS – sadly NOT OUR TRUE POTUS
    Wake up Newsmax r u just another FOX??!

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