Newsom humiliated as 2008 video touting his ’10-year plan’ goes viral

Calfornia Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who was almost recalled due to his terrible mismanagement of what was once the most desirable state in the nation in which to live and raise a family, was bad at his previous job, too.

If you’ll recall, Newsom, before winning the governor’s mansion, was the mayor of San Fransisco. That city, too, was a fantastic place, until Dems let it go to hell with their radical progressive policies.

A video of the governor resurfaced this week that shows him proposing, as the mayor, a surefire method to cleaning up the city’s homelessness problem, which was nowhere near the crisis that it is today. 

The video was produced in 2008, during the peak of his mayorship. Sadly, the city only became a darker, much more worse place than it was back then.

The video

Aside from the cringe production value, the video shows a younger Newsom going over what he called a “10-year plan” to end homelessness in San Francisco.

“I recognize that I’m setting myself up. I’m not naïve to that,” Mayor-elect Newsom said during a 2003 interview, according to SFGate. “I don’t want to over-promise, but I also don’t want to under-deliver. I want to hit the ground running.”

It turns out, he over-promised by thousands of miles. Not only did the city make zero progress in tackling the homeless problem, it actually made it worse by encouraging open-market drug sales/use, no penalties for petty theft, and several other disgustingly bad Democratic policies that have led to the city being literally covered in trash and human feces.

Newsom ridiculed

Not surprisingly, as the old video went viral over the past several days, thousands of Twitter users mocked the former San Fran mayor-turned governor.

Another user wrote: “In 2008 Gavin Newsom vowed to fix the homeless problem, fast forward 2022.The homeless problem in California has grown much worse under his leadership. Now Newsom wants to run for President, America what do you say, can our country survive under him?”

It’s a valid question, as Newsom has essentially already committed to running in 2024 if President Biden decides to bow out. If he can’t manage a city, or a state, how can he truly be expected to manage an entire nation?