NFL Hall of Fame’s oldest member dead at 100

NFL Hall of Fame football star Charley Trippi died in his Athens, Georgia, home on Wednesday at the age of 100.

Trippi was the oldest living member of the Hall of Fame and a former star for both the NCAA’s Georgia Bulldogs and Chicago’s NFL team.

His career

“Trippi was considered to be one of the most versatile players in the history of football and famously signed a then-record $100,000 contract in 1947,” the Daily Caller reported.

“He led the Cardinals to a championship win in Jan. 1947 and continued to show his passion and dedication to the team for another nine years, People reported,” it added.

His background

“Selected to the National College Football Hall of Fame (1959), National Pro Football Hall of Fame, Rose Bowl Hall of Fame, and State of Georgia Sports Hall of Fame (1965), the star athlete is also one of only four Georgia players to ever have his jersey retired, the school said,” People reported.

“He found his way to Georgia after taking a job at a Coca-Cola bottling factory as a driver during one summer, according to The Times, which helped to facilitate a try-out with the Bulldogs,” it added.

Though rare today, Trippi could run, pass, kick, and catch, helping him stand out among those in his era.

Trippi also turned down professional baseball contracts after being a star player on the Georgia Bulldogs baseball team.

The talented star lived a long and impactful life, living a full century as the Hall of Fame’s longest-living star.