Nikki Haley announces death of father on Father's Day

 June 17, 2024

Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley shared devastating news on Father's Day. 

According to The Hill, the former South Carolina governor lost her father. She broke the news in a social media post, praising him for his love and support, and his passion for teaching.

Her father, Ajit Singh, immigrated to the United States from India, where he would ultimately teach at Voorhees University in Denmark, South Carolina.

Haley paused her campaign in January to visit her father, who had been diagnosed with cancer at the time.

What happened?

Haley announced the saddening news on Father's Day, and wrote a long post in which she admired him for instilling values and teaching his children about the value of hard work.

"This morning I had to say goodbye to the smartest, sweetest, kindest, most decent man I have ever known. My heart is heavy knowing he is gone. He taught his kids the importance of faith, hard work, and grace," Haley wrote.

She added, "He was an amazing husband of 64 years, a loving grandfather and great grandfather, and the best father to his four children. He was such a blessing to all of us. Happy Father’s Day Dad. We will miss you dearly."

The Hill added:

The South Carolina Post and Courier said Haley’s father was there when she announced her GOP presidential bid last year. She paused her campaign in January to visit her father in the hospital after he had been diagnosed with cancer.

Notably, Haley didn't disclose her father's age at the time of his death, and she didn't disclose the cause of death, though many believe it could have likely been cancer-related.

Social media reacts

Many across social media offered their condolences to the former governor, especially given the day that he passed away.

"Sorry Nikki. I might not agree with all your political positions but nothing is more heartbreaking than saying goodbye to a father you loved," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "So sorry for your loss, Ambassador. Sending prayers your way."

"So sorry to hear this, ambassador. May God bring comfort to you and your family," another user wrote.

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