Turley: No ‘clear basis’ for impeachment against Trump on charges of incitement

Despite there being less than two weeks remaining in the president’s term, Democrats are pledging to make another impeachment attempt against Donald Trump.

Democratic leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) insist that Trump’s speech in Washington on Wednesday incited the riot on Capitol Hill in which five people lost their lives, according to the Associated Press. But according to one constitutional law professor, Democrats’ claims simply don’t hold up.

“The speech itself does not give a clear basis for the charges of insurrection or incitement,” legal scholar Jonathan Turley argued during an appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend, according to Fox News.

“The president talks about his followers marching on Congress peacefully,” Turley added. “He does not call for riots. He does not call for violence.”

Turley bids for Trump

The George Washington University Law school professor expressed those same arguments in an op-ed published by The Hill on Saturday. According to Turley, Trump’s remarks “would be viewed as protected speech by the Supreme Court.”

“Despite broad and justified condemnation of his words, Trump never actually called for violence or riots,” Turley argued. In fact, the president “told the crowd ‘to peacefully and patriotically make your voices be heard,'” Turley said.

“There was no call for lawless action by Trump,” he wrote. “Instead, there was a call for a protest at the Capitol,” behavior that “is common across the country to protest actions by the government,” Turley argued.

The law professor went on: “Moreover, violence was not imminent, as the vast majority of the tens of thousands of protesters were not violent before the march, and most did not riot inside the Capitol.”

While acknowledging that the rioters had done terrible damage, Turley further cautioned that Democrats’ plans “would do to the Constitution what the violent rioters did to the Capitol and leave it in tatters.”

Dems push ahead

None of that appears likely to sway Democratic lawmakers, however.

New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D) denounced Trump as “treasonous” this weekend and called for his removal, Breitbart reported.

“Donald Trump must be removed from office immediately, he should be impeached, convicted, and thrown out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and forever banished to the dustbin of history,” Jeffries said, according to Breitbart.

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67 Responses

    1. I think the whole Democratic party should be kicked out of Washington. Trump did more for America in four years than Obama and Clinton did in all the years they were President. The only reason they want to ruin Trump,they know he will win in 2024 and he will keep draining the swamp.

    2. nancy and friends need to play in the traffic or do something productive / they failed that for 4 years / we need term limits on these children / the people need to vote for this/ the deadbeats won’t

    3. Could not agree more. Nancy Pelosie is doing nothing but harm. She is responsible for dividing our country more.
      Biden says he wants to bring the country together. After Nasty Nancy’s implosion. And an attempt to destroy a very popular Republican President, she is destroying her own career. Hate has a habit of backfiring on the perpetrator.
      By the way, if and/or when Biden turns the Presidency keys to Kamilla Harris; Nancy has another goal to be Vice President. Kamila Harris better watch her own crooked back. Will their be a cat fight for the Presidency. That is more truth than this FALSE FLAG!!!!

  1. Trump did nothing to deserve an impeachment; never has. This is just the Democrats hatred shining brightly. They are the ones who should be impeached. They have done nothing to work with Trump to solve problems but they have encouraged riots and protest. They are the ones inciting violence.

    1. No mention of the fact that Schumer and Pelosi were taped saying ‘this is the time for riots’! What about that statement? OH, right! It was the ‘Elite’ saying that so it’s OK!! Not so amusing when laptops go missing, though, huh!! Wondering ‘what’ was on those laptops! Pelosi’s wasn’t the only one they couldn’t find.

      1. Nasty “Mean Girl Nancy” has revealed a real Tempertantrum! And people throwing Tempertantrum show they have no common sence, because they are the person out of control.
        Trump as asked the nation to let it be a peaceful transition. Nancy thinks she can take control and blame Trump.
        The bad guy is only the angry woman, throwing a Tempertantrum, in Nancy’s own mirror!

    2. Dems are making up accusations of incitement when looking at what Pelosi, Waters, & others have said they can be taken as directions to followers to get in the faces of, to shout down, and for blood in the streets among others. Some Dems are calling for a purge of Conservatives because to them our differences to them is intolerable & treasonous. So much for the party of inclusiveness. More like the party of abject hypocrites and pathological mendacity.

      1. They are all looking in their own mirrors! Maxine Waters should retire because of senality. And Pelosie needs to get over her “mean girl attitude,”
        She will only find happiness in forgiveness.
        Without it she cannot ever find happiness! She really is to be pittied!


    3. Absolutely! The use ” emotional Transference” saying what they want, doing what they want. And when it turns against them, they transfer their blame, and transfer the blame to the Republican party. That is an alcholic’s problem! I have read that Pelosie is a drinker.. I have no proof. But this is the Democrats MO. Just saying!
      I hav

    4. In 4 years, impeachment (destruction is their aim) is all they have done. Zero else of any benefit to the nation is the result of having democrats in Congress these past 4 years. President Trump dragged them kicking and screeching regardless of how much benefit his ideas and initiatives provided the American people. Democrats in Congress are one hideously sorry lot. The kind of comment (destructive, NEVER constructive) is about what one would expect from any one of them.

    5. Yes The hatred if Pelosie is dividing our country. She is doing more harm to Biden than good. What a wild obnoxious, rediculous childish Tempertantrum!!!
      Even her huge give aways to other countries, was to trap Trump and make him look bad. He thought if the immediate needs of his countrymen. Nancy only thinks about herself. Country men are just dirt and pebbles beneath her feet!

  2. For any of you Republicans or Rhino’s thinking about impeaching President Trump don’t. You will lose your spot in the senate in 2022 if you do along also with ousting the one’s who stood up to stop the illegal votes from the states that cheated with stuffing the ballots you will also lose in 2022. I don’t care if you change to Democrat or any other thing!

    1. This needs to be resolved NOW!! If these frauds get away with this election ‘lie’, no election will ever be ‘By the People’ again. Forget any elections for 2022 or 2024!! The ‘Voter Fraud Machine’ will still be in place and ‘telling’ us ‘who’ (ahem) won! Guaranteed it will always be a Democrat from here on in. Surprisingly enough, the other ‘free’ countries of the world support Pres Trump! It is the ‘traitors with-in’ that are against him. Even Russia was outraged that Pres Trump was banned from Twitter! Also heard from Germany!

  3. President has done nothing to be impeached. It’s another witch hunt. The Democrats accuse him of doing the things that they are doing. They are destroying this country. Trump is trying to make it better. He is the best President ever. He deserves 4 more years because of the voter fraud that the Dems did to get in office.

    1. Nancy be kind and decent for a change!
      Be honest and humble for a change.
      Grow up and quit acting like an emotional “mean girl, brat!”

  4. First off impeachment is absurd next Pelosi is known to have committed espionage and Schumer is her lap dog walking to story the pot who can not think for himself and should be listed from congress

    1. I wish they would pick a special counsel. To investigate pelosi and shumer and schiff to impeach them or force to resign for they are traitors!

      1. Finally some one called it as it is. Traitorous Mitch needs to be drumed out of Congress. May our state recall you. Because of you, the traitorous Dems now own the Senate!

  5. I think this is ridiculous look at the crap the dems did and all the threats and infighting violence against those who did not agree with the Democrats nothing was done it’s time to be adults and come together peacefully

  6. Impeach Pelosi, Biden and all liberals who are supporting BLM and yet are hiding the fact that pictures exist of active BLM and ANFIFA individuals in the capital doing violence and the liberals say they were all Trump supporters. If the FBI did it’s job 2 individuals who were heavily involved would be truely identified and then it would be known that they were anything but Trump Supporters. Defund the MEDIA. They are spreading the lies. A simple re-election would answer the question and show the truth if the media is not involved.

    1. I agree with you sir completely.Just have the election redone.From start to finish without the media’s influeance

      1. I agree with all of you these dems are so bad . They need to bust these people and charge them with the crimes they have committed against our president and our country. Since they all love China so much we can send them there they will fit right in. Since Biden’s son love the whores over there and the little girls sick bastard did he get that from his dad to. I have seen the sick videos. Line the dems up in front of the firing squad and let them have it oh and bring nasty Nancy.

      2. I knew all along the Democrats would have to cheat to beat President Trump.The deck was stacked from the get go. That’s exactly what should have been done redo the election No mail in ballots, Vote in person!you are Not going to get different results with the same cheating crooks to re count votes

  7. There’s no limits on dem disregard of the Constitution. A bad sign of what’s to come now that they have the WH and Congress.

  8. Trump truly loves America and has proven it by getting other countries to respect us and to pay their fair share which saves us Americans millions & possible billions. You may not like Trump as a person but as a President, he’s number one in my book. I’d vote for him as many times as he wanted to run! People don’t really understand what is going to happen now that the dems are in charge of everything. Hold on to your hats because you’re going to see what Trump has told you all along. He built up this country and Dems will tear it down. Lord have mercy on us!

  9. Trump thinks more of this country than all the Democrats put together. If anybody needs to be gone it’s peloski n slumber their terms has been greatly extended. Now is Twitter going to retract their comments n lift the ban, Facebook, all of them ??

  10. II say amen to all you guys. You have said it perfectly a dad for the POTUS he is more than any one of them Dems will ever be .

  11. Nancy Pelosi better look at the mote in her own eyes along with Maxine Waters and the one ripping us off from Minn. Their hate speeches have caused more riots and destruction than Trump ever has. Why do you think BLM and Antifa always show up at Trump rallies and they were there at this one pushing to make a bad name for Trump because they knew darling Nancy would do the rest. So sad to see people fall for lies and need for power to hope get politically elected again and money. When can Americans get good people in office today since voting doesn’t count when Nancy makes the rules. They use COVID as excuse to vote because how many of these people never bothered to get off their behinds and vote before or were dead and illegal so couldn’t make it to the polls? Suppress it because that is wrong to be truthful. I remember the Michigan Congress woman at a women’s rally I think calling President Trump ever words I wouldn’t even say and if she was mine her mouth would be washed out with the hottest pepper available so she could talk like a lady. Interesting animals don’t even act like these people. Maybe they need to be put in the zoo.

    1. We can’t get good people in office until we get BAD people out! We have to deny Dominion servers to be used in future votes!!!

  12. It’s obvious the swamp is still determined to hide behind corrupt politicians to do their bidding! Look at the posts from the Democrats and far left as it appears they all are given the same script. As the daughter of a WWII Navy hero, I am appalled to see the real truth the past several years of the corruption and anti-American politicians that are selling out our Country and trying to destroy our constitutional rights. They should all be removed and prosecuted and we know who they are now thanks to our President.

  13. Jonathan Turley hasn’t been right about Trump since day one. He might be smart in Constitutional parlance but he’s been wrong about what he believes will happen to Trump concerning the Constitution.

  14. As a candidate for President, Mr. Trump made promises to help the America people and then he carried out those promises. As a result, all the swamp creatures have no use for him. We’re starting to get a head count of who they actually are. They’ve exposed themselves. Bad idea. And they’re all politicians,…not business people. Four more years for President Trump. I’m 75 yrs.old and I’ve never experienced a better President than Donald Trump!

  15. Agree with all above posts! We need to demand piglosi’s resignation, along with Schumer, shiff, and all their followers! THEY are the domestic terrorists pretending to be legislators! All they have done for this country is destroy it! They need to be removed by any means possible, the sooner the better!

  16. Every liberalin Washington needs to be put on trial for treason. They take the oath to uphold and protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,
    Then they turn around and try to destroy the first and second amendments of the Constitution

  17. When will Justice in this Land Prevail? The Courts appear crippled with indifference. Minority and special groups have polluted the Foundation of our Core Values. When did logic and reason give way to the Liberal Left to redefine the Family unit to endorse and enforce the restructuring of The Nuclear Family for Alternative Lifestyles? What happened in our Nations History to cause our Lawmakers to Hate God and His Principles of Righteousness? The incident at the Capitol and for that matter all of 2020 has the impression that our entire system is compromised, easily infiltrated and most likely to be overthrown from within! We have abandoned morals and ethics for popularity and pleasure. All that’s left is to weep for our land and our loss. The USA Lawmakers have abandoned Truth for Lies, Prosperity for Oppression, Good for Bad!!!

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