John Nolte: Bloomberg is a ‘Tiny Tyrant’ with an autocratic history

In a Wednesday op-ed for Breitbart, John Nolte accused Democrat presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg of suffering from “Tiny Tyrant” syndrome and would therefore pose serious danger to our freedoms if he were to be elected.

“Short person syndrome is indeed real,” Nolte said, noting that the 5-foot-7-inch Bloomberg once claimed to be 5 feet 10 inches tall on his driver’s license.

The tendency, according to Nolte, is for short people to desire complete control others’ lives, and he argues that Bloomberg is a prime example of the phenomenon.

Autocratic tendencies

Nolte rattles off a long list of autocratic actions Bloomberg advocated or implemented during his three terms as New York City mayor, with the first being his successful lobbying of New York’s city council in 2008 to extend its two-term limit for public officials so that he could seek re-election for a third stint in office.

While in office, Bloomberg banned smoking in bars, restaurants, and most business premises, as well as in outdoor spaces including beaches and parks. He also fought to ban restaurants from using trans fats, and he banned the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.

In 2012, Bloomberg even wanted to ban hospitals from distributing baby formula to mothers of newborns so that women would be compelled to breastfeed.

According to the Daily Wire, recently resurfaced video shows Bloomberg opining that elderly people with a cancer diagnosis should be denied treatment as a means of conserving limited health care resources. The billionaire candidate also has championed a sweeping gun control plan as well as drastic measures on climate change — all methods designed to take power out of the hands of Americans and limit their choices in the marketplace.

Troubling record

Bloomberg’s past contains numerous allegations of sexual harassment and hostile work environments for female employees within his media empire, and it is telling indeed that despite pressure from several other candidates for the Democratic Party’s nomination, he has refused to release claimants from non-disclosure agreements signed as part of litigation settlements.

In his op-ed, Nolte points out that unlike similar allegations made against Trump in the past — which largely did not emerge until he ran for president as a Republican — the accusations against Bloomberg have been known in the public sphere for years.

Nolte also took issue with media attempts to lump Bloomberg and Trump together as two misogynistic, racist billionaires unsuited to the presidency and emphasized some critical distinctions between them.

As Nolte suggests, Bloomberg has used his considerable fortune to amass power, control citizens’ lives, seize guns and possibly remain in power longer than term limits allow. Trump, on the other hand, has used his platform to reduce government power over the lives of Americans and help protect the freedoms necessary for our society to thrive.

That’s a huge difference indeed.

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