Nolte: Fauci embarrassed himself by fawning over ‘reckless’ Chris Cuomo

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been held up by the media as an impartial and trusted authority, a science-driven professional who simply goes by the facts.

But the virus expert showed his emotional side in an interview with Chris Cuomo — and he ended up embarrassing himself by gushing over the hypocritical CNN host, John Nolte writes at Breitbart. Cuomo, who admittedly broke quarantine and exposed others to the virus, received lavish praise from Fauci for showing bravery during his battle with the illness.

Nolte slams Fauci’s fawning

As Nolte notes, Cuomo knowingly exposed others to the virus when he broke quarantine on Easter to check out a property in the Hamptons, where he had a testy, highly publicized encounter with a biker who asked why he wasn’t staying home, according to the New York Post. Cuomo went on to chew out the biker as a “jack**s” and a “loser” in a tirade on the radio, according to The Hill.

Cuomo had previously given the impression that he was stuck, miserably, in his basement — a pretense that CNN kept going with a staged “reunion” that many criticized, as Nolte recounts. While this kind of fakery wasn’t a shock coming from CNN, some might have expected Fauci to steer clear of it — but apparently not.

In a Monday interview, Fauci indulged Cuomo’s narcissism as the CNN host continued bloviating about his struggle with the virus. According to The Hill, Cuomo thanked Fauci for checking in on him and his family “almost without exception, every day,” and the doctor returned the favor by applauding Cuomo for “sucking it up to look relatively normal.”

Fauci said that he was “worried” about his friend — although not enough to reprimand him, it seems — and with unintentional irony, said that Cuomo “put on a great act in front of the TV” to hide his suffering, which is a weird way to describe Cuomo’s pompous behavior, to say the least.

“First of all, you’re a friend. We have a professional relationship, but you’re a friend. I’ve known you, I hate to say it, since you were almost a kid. And the fact is, you were going through some difficult times. I don’t think that people seeing you on this show were really experiencing or realizing how you were really sucking it up to look relatively normal,” Fauci said, according to Breitbart.

Mutual admiration society

Needless to say, the last thing Cuomo should be receiving is a commendation from supposedly the most-trusted coronavirus expert in America — so what in the world was Fauci doing flattering, as Nolte put it, “the single most irresponsible and reckless American of the entire coronavirus pandemic”? And wasn’t Fauci concerned, Nolte argues, about what this might do for his credibility?

Whether Cuomo deserves that title or not, he has had no problem, Nolte notes, hypocritically shaming lockdown protesters — and even just ordinary people enjoying time outside. Cuomo asked Fauci if he was “surprised” that people no longer “seem to get it that we have to stay home” as Americans start flocking to parks to enjoy the spring weather. Talk about shameless.

Cuomo pumped up Fauci too, speaking to his unimpeachable character and expertise as the two men talked about the problem of getting people to follow the rules that Cuomo can’t be bothered to follow himself. They talked about the growing backlash against Fauci, too, who has faced calls for his dismissal from protesters.

“People who think they’re gonna shake you up with their mouths don’t know you very well,” Cuomo cooed.

Yuck! Fauci should be ashamed.

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