Nolte: Fauci is a ‘fraud’ for silence on virus risk posed by mass protests

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci’s tepid response to the coronavirus risk presented by protests sweeping the nation proves that he’s a “sociopath,” a columnist at Breitbart argues.

In a piece published Sunday, John Nolte takes the infectious disease expert to task for failing to remain consistent about his own social distancing guidelines meant to combat COVID-19 — guidelines that brought about destructive consequences for countless Americans.

A “liar” or a “fraud”

For several weeks, Americans lived in a world in which Fauci’s Brooklyn accent was an inescapable part of life, and the advice he gave, presumably backed up by an unimpeachable character and the authority of “science,” was respected without question.

The results, as Nolte recalls, were profound. Businesses were destroyed, people were prevented from exercising their civil rights, families were unable to mourn their loved ones — all of these things were the effects of lockdowns that Fauci insisted were necessary to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

But for days, Fauci said nothing as massive demonstrations against police brutality sparked by the death of George Floyd erupted all over the country. Fauci did nothing to admonish the health care workers who, after condescending to”non-essential” Americans for weeks, took to the streets to join in the protests.

According to Axios, Fauci now says that he is “very concerned” about a second wave of the virus taking root.

Nolte, however, says that Fauci’s delay shows that he must either be a liar — the virus was never the threat he said it was — or a fraud who is risking the public health to avoid offending the “woke” elites supporting the protests, declaring:

Either way, Fauci’s a sociopath. Either he’s a sociopath who furthered his political ambitions and abused his authority and public trust to talk hundreds of millions of Americans into shattering their own lives and mental wellbeing when there was no real danger, or he’s a sociopath who chooses the good opinion of elites over raising the alarm to save the lives of thousands and thousands of protesters, and the countless millions those thousands will infect.

Dwindling credibility

The reign of Lord Fauci has been winding down for some time, as the Trump administration has shifted gears to reopening the economy, and the lockdowns started to lose their momentum, first out of widespread fatigue, and then because of the protests, which killed off their remaining credibility.

Many argue that any continued coronavirus restrictions cannot be justified since people have been allowed to protest in large numbers with no resistance from public officials — indeed, they have been encouraged to gather.

A shocking letter from 1,200 public health “experts” argued that anti-racism protests should be allowed, but protests against lockdowns are “rooted in white nationalism and run contrary to respect for Black Lives,” suggesting that the health profession has now been unabashedly politicized.

According to Axios, the World Health Organization just announced that the virus rarely spreads through asymptomatic carriers. This not only contradicts a major assumption that shaped the government’s drastic response to the coronavirus from its earliest days, as National Review notes, it further undermines the already shaky public trust in so-called health “experts.”

What were the lockdowns even for?

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