‘Nonbinary’ Biden official charged with stealing woman’s luggage faces 5 years in jail

A “nonbinary” Biden official who admitted to stealing a woman’s luggage at a Minneapolis airport is facing five years in jail.

Sam Brinton, 35, has been charged with felony theft of a movable property without consent and has been placed on leave at the Department of Energy, where he was given a post in June handling nuclear waste.

Biden official charged

According to police, Brinton took a Vera Bradley bag with more than $2,000 worth of luggage from the baggage claim at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport on Sept. 16. He was seen removing the tag and leaving the area at a “quick pace” on surveillance video.

Brinton was spotted traveling with the stolen bag on two separate occasions by police before they called him to discuss the theft, Fox reported.

He initially said that the bag was his but later called back and said he hadn’t been “completely honest,” saying he took the bag by accident because he was tired.

Brinton said he was “nervous people would think they stole the bag and did not know what to do” and that he left the victim’s clothes in a hotel room, but the hotel staff did not find the clothes, the Washington Times reported.

He has not returned the bag despite being instructed by police to do so, the report added.

‘Nonbinary’ official is a ‘kink’ expert

The Massachusetts of Technology (MIT)-educated Brinton has drawn attention for his ties to the BDSM and leather fetish gay subcultures.

A photo of Brinton in woman’s clothing standing over three men dressed as dogs went viral earlier this year.

Even as he faces charges, Brinton gave a lecture Saturday at a “kink” conference in Los Angeles, the Daily Mail reported.

A pseudonymous bio described Brinton as an expert on the subject who has “spanked over 2,000 cute butts” and hosts “monthly kink parties in their dungeon in Washington, DC.”