North Carolina man hit with federal charge after threatening to assassinate Joe Biden: Reports

A North Carolina man has been arrested and is facing a single federal charge for allegedly threatening to assassinate President Joe Biden. 

David Kyle Reeves, a 27-year-old from Gastonia, North Carolina, is currently sitting in jail on a count of threatening the president of the United States, The Washington Times reported Thursday.

Threats against the president

According to the Times, Reeves repeatedly called the White House threatening to kill Biden and other government leaders. The calls reportedly took place between Jan. 28 and Feb. 1.

In one of the initial calls, investigators allege that Reeves told a White House switchboard operator, “I am going to [expletive] kill you all.”

“F*** you all,” he said, according to The Washington Post. “I am going to chop your heads off.”

Reeves made similar threats against members of Congress.

In another call, the 27-year-old is alleged to have brazenly told members of the Secret Service to “come pick him up and take him to the White House so he can punch the president in the face, sit in his chair, and stay there until he dies.”

“I own this whole planet”

The White House switchboard operator reported the situation to the Secret Service, The New York Times said — but it seemed Reeves was only emboldened after the agency reached out to him.

After speaking with the Secret Service, Reeves called them back on a number of occasions, reissuing his threats. “I’m going to come kill the president,” Reeves said on one of those occasions, according to The Washington Times. “I’m going to kill the Secret Service because I own this whole planet.”

Reeves made similar remarks in a call with the U.S. Capitol Police.

It all came to a head last week when Reeves was arrested, and on Thursday, he made his first appearance before a federal magistrate. The judge reportedly issued an order requiring Reeves to be held in custody until at least his next court appearance.

If convicted, Reeves could be hit with up to a $250,000 fine and up to five years of prison time, The Washington Times notes. Making death threats against the U.S. president — or anyone else for that matter — certainly is not the way to go.

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48 Responses

  1. Behavior like Reeves cannot be tolerated. Perhaps now is the time to indict those who threatened Donald Trump and his administration – we know who those people are!

    1. I agree! He was threatenedany times, even by some democrat “leaders”. Charges should be filed against them all.

      1. Democrats can say or do anything they want as long as they are in office. They are immune to any punishment. It is only us peons out in the neighborhood that can be charged.

    2. Good reply! How come none of the people who threatened Trump were never arrested by the Secret Service? Double standard,you bet!

      1. The Secret Service Management is totally corrupt! Do not blame the Secret Service Agents. They put their lives on the line everyday for all Americans.

      2. Always Double Standards by the DemoncRATS. Say what they want, no threats of consequences for anything said or done.

        We Truly do live in a CORRUPT world.

      3. Typical of the commiecrats who pile lies upon lies like Pelousy’s new “investigation committee into trump and the riots after the DOJ cleared him. The witch needs to be gone, period..

    3. Exactly. Over the coarse of Trumps Presidency I recall multiple threats being made against him and the White House. Madona, Deniri, Depp, Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Biden and Harris to name a scant few. There are several other available for prosecution.

    1. Yes, we know who these people are. They have been threatening him since he took office and nothing was done. I’m sure they are democrats that continually threaten the Trump family, like they did his attorney’s for his trial. Total proof that the Democrats are behind all the violence in the U.S.

      1. Many of the Dems instigated violence against our favorite President Donald J. Trump, and many including Hollywood actors/actresses made threats against Donald J. Trump, including people like Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Schiff, Harris, Biden, and many many more Leftist Dems. Yes there is a double standard!

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    1. Joe Biden couldn’t beat his own meat, much less beat up President Trump.

      Biden is nothing more than an incompetent, fraudulent despicable puppet of the Left. Joe doesn’t even know where he is, and has to be told what, where, and when to speak what the Corrupt Left wants him to say.

      Just watch Joe when he is in front of the Teleprompter, he cannot even repeat what is on his screen. Then when he has NO Teleprompter, he Babbles like a 2 year old, No Disrespect to the 2 year olds. America fully knows that Old Joe is NOTHING more than a Puppet of the LEFT, and their Corrupt plans!!!

  3. Why try to hasten his demise? Mother nature will take care of that for us. And I don’t think she’s Republican.

  4. All you people in wackoweird, I think they can start there with warrants for arrest. Many of you said threatening, hate filled things you wanted to do to President Trump. But that was ok with the
    commies, but not ok for many people. You really showed your butt.
    And IQ. Drama queens all trying to out do the other. Pathetic.

  5. All comments well said, but like a two year old so-called democrats are not responsible for what they say or do. Just watch and listen to governor Cuomo, of NY.

  6. My first statement is : Reeves is mentally ill! When you ask a mental patient the “TWO MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS” : 1) Are you going too hurt yourself ?, and 2) Are you going too hurt someone ? If they answer “Yes too either one”, they “Commit you for a minimum of 72 hours” ! Why didn’t they do any of the above? They just antagonized him more ! This is how our system of Justice deals with “Mental Patients”, instead of helping them, they release them on the public, with no help! This is why these Patients end up in Prison or just become “Street People”, it’s sad, but the truth, and they know it !!!!

  7. Joe Blow is the BIGGEST threat to our REPUBLIC! He along with other DEMONS are threats to our National Security. This was proven with his career with Obama. Joe and Barrack have much explanation that need to be addressed to the American people. The giving money to Iran Nuke deal. Old man Bidens bisiness dealings behind closed doors including his worthless son in their negotiation s with CHINA! Folks, the media that you all watch (FAKE NEWS) is owned by CHINA! Hollywierd sold their souls. We don’t need these kind in our USA! Build a big ISLAND just for all them. Better yet? Let China take care of them!

  8. Clearly the young man has some issues, but should be evaluated. Then again, many of our demonrat “ friends?” Have made similar threats, NOTHING said about that! They should have psych evals as well! Guess it depends upon whom one threatens huh?

  9. So Phony that: Pelosi, Harris, Biden, Madonna, and a dozen more. threatened to harm President Donald Trump, but Biden’s is Untouchable, even in words? enough Bull already. I think that we all are getting tired of the garbage we are feed

  10. This is another way to keep gun control in the papers. Mean while there has no more shooting as their are more prepared to fend off those attacks..

  11. Reeves is obviously a coward, and mentally ill, some one who really means that, would just try do it and not broadcast it to everybody. But Reeves behaved like a idiot would, like the many democrats who threatened President Trump.

  12. The guy is a nut case anyone with 1/2 a brain can see that. Where is the Secret Service when there were threats to Trump? Nowhere.

  13. Geez good to hear action is being taken against this guy. We should never tolerate threats of any nature against human life. And that includes against ALL sitting Presidents regardless of which side of the aisle. So, wonder what’s in the works for Kathy Griffin, Madonna, Robert Downey, Johnny Depp – to name just a few along with the whole lineup of MSM “journalists” and etc. Anyone??

  14. Where’s the arrest action against Madonna, Johnny Dep, Kathy Griffen, Maxine Waters, Robert DiNero and Joe Biden for their numerous threats against President Trump AND FAMILY. Their threat crimes are recorded on video tape, so there’s no lack of evidence. It started when a tombstone with candidate Trump’s name was placed in New York’s Central Park.

  15. I have to say this..this man should be released and no charges filed against him. What he has “said” is no different then what has transpired with President Trump during his administration. This so called government is supposed to set the EXAMPLE OF LAWS. THEYVE made à total mockery of all that this Republic stood for: peace, justice, freedoms, honor and respect. There is none of that in the new democratic dictatorship. President Trump gave us back those founding fathers principles…due to this corrupt government, this man has bern led by THEIR EXAMPLE: SET HIM FREE!!!

  16. I am NOT OK with threats from anyone….but should not everyone who makes threats or incites violence be treated the same? This young man is sitting in prison, but who was his role model? Could one role model have been Madonna who said “I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House” when President Trump was first elected? What about Kathy Griffen’s bloody head depicting President Trump ? Are these people sitting in prison or is it OK for one side of the aisle to be disgusting and get away with it while the other side goes to prison?

  17. All Bs just to push to get the gun taken away from everyone! That’s what George Soros and the American hating Muslim Community dis organizer is pushing for.

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