Noted economist says voter fraud potentially determined Georgia, Pennsylvania races

Joe Biden is set to take the oath of office on Jan. 20 — but many Americans still believe his electoral victory was not entirely on the level.

In a new report, former University of Chicago economist John Lott Jr. appears to lend credence to the concerns of President Donald Trump and other top GOP officials. He claimed the “excess” votes cast for Biden in the race totaled roughly 289,000.

“Significant excess votes”

“The precinct level estimates for Georgia and Pennsylvania indicate that vote fraud may account for Biden’s win in both states,” Lott said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Lott went on to allege that the “voter turnout rate data also indicates that there are significant excess votes in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin as well.”

He also claimed that the differences reported between neighboring precincts and counties made little sense.

Using one Georgia county as an example, Lott explained: “Trump’s percentage of absentee votes was not lower in Fulton county border precincts than in the precincts just across the street in neighboring counties.”

“Trump’s proportion…was depressed”

He went on to cite specifics, including evidence that “Trump’s share was 7.19 percentage points lower on the Fulton county side, and the difference was also statistically significant at the 7% level for a two-tailed t-test.”

Since his study “controlled for in-person voting,” Lott concluded that the disparity “is not likely to have been caused by the general shift to absentee voting among Democrats.”

Lott used his report to break down his findings in disputed precincts in “layman’s terms,” arguing that “Trump’s proportion of absentee votes was depressed — even when such precincts had similar in-person Trump vote shares to their surrounding counties.”

“11,350 absentee votes lost”

None other than President Donald Trump highlighted Lott’s findings this week.

“New Lott study estimates 11,350 absentee votes lost to Trump in Georgia,” the president tweeted on Tuesday. “Another 289,000 ‘excess (fraudulent) votes’ across GA, AZ, MI, NV, PA, and WI. Check it out!”

The report comes just days before Congress is set to convene and ratify the Electoral College’s vote tally. U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and a number of House Republicans, however, are planning to raise objections to the process, as Fox News reports.

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