Joe Biden admits ‘nothing’ can ‘change the trajectory’ of COVID-19 pandemic

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, President Joe Biden is already letting Americans down.

Despite promising for months that his administration’s top priority would be getting a handle on the spread of COVID-19, Biden admitted Friday that “there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic” over the next several months, Fox News reported.

The comments came the same week that Biden issued a pair of executive orders mandating the use of masks or face coverings on federal property and while using public transportation or at ports of entry, as BuzzFeed News reported. But it looks like even he’s conceding that such orders will do little to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Biden out of ideas

Biden’s admission came during a press conference Friday, where he announced even more executive orders.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden’s latest moves are “aimed at combating hunger and financial instability by increasing the value of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, helping get stimulus checks to those who haven’t received them yet, and establishing a $15 minimum wage and emergency paid leave for federal employees.”

“If we fail to act, there will be a wave of evictions and foreclosures in the coming months as this pandemic rages on, because there’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,” the president argued Friday, trying to justify his measures, according to Fox.

Take a look:

That was quick

As many were quick to point out, the comments from Biden came as a stark reversal from the position he took on the campaign trail, where he vowed on one occasion to “shut down the virus, not the country.”

Now, Biden has ascended to the presidency — and it turns out, he can’t deliver on that promise.

It’s a development that has earned him criticism from those on all sides of the political aisle, including former Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan. “Haven’t we been told for months that restrictions and mandates were necessary to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months?” Amash wrote in a tweet, according to Fox.

Indeed, we’re less than a week into Biden’s presidency, and it looks like the long-standing narrative from the left that Donald Trump was at fault for the extent of the coronavirus pandemic in America has already collapsed. What will Biden flub up next?

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42 Responses

      1. nothing to except destroy the good President Trump, he/she has no idea how to help America an biden and phony need to be impeached, along with nancy, chuckie and their stooges

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  2. These are avowed communist that will enslave us any way you will buy. Fauci was a developer of Covid and as long as he can be hitler he will

    1. well leaving the borders open and allowing all these immigrants in without being vetted sure ain’t going to help the pandemic and think about all the money the government’s going to lose having to buy all that foreign oil… but like they say Joe Biden is as bright as a burned-out light bulb

  3. can you imagine how it feels for her/him/ it to look in a mirror/ i can not stand her picture/ no wonder she hates the world

  4. I love how the headline says “joe collapses “ I’m done with this week so called news org . All news has fake headlines, 5 day old news ! Bye bye 👋🏻

    1. No, you took it at how you wanted it to read. After all this time you don’t think they only put part of the story to get your attention? #BeijinBiden IS going to collapse everything.

  5. Is it time for civil war if these communists void the constitution it may be.
    About half the people say it was an election based on fraud and foreign intervention also orchestrate by with deep state and NWO.

  6. So, after all the Democrat ads and MSM supporters telling voters Joe had a plan, based on science, to “crush the virus”, now he simply says Social Distance; Wear a Mask; Wash your hands; and get the vaccine as soon as you can?

    Sounds like Biden’s plan was/is to simply try to take credit for the plan President Trump was already executing, while he was aggressively pursuing his Operation Warp Speed, which developed the Vaccine(s) at a rate of speed and efficiency never before achieved.

  7. and do they really think when China becomes the leader of the New World Order that Nancy Pelosi Joe Biden Chuck Schumer ain’t going to be stepped on like roaches and do you really think AOC and the squad will be tolerated they will be placed in hard labor camps and won’t it be great when the Chinese will rid the world a Muslims

  8. Biden is a pathetically demented hollow man who has no comprehension of what he’s signing, reading or doing. He’s simply a handicapped puppet doing whatever he is told. It’s the biggest disgrace in American history to put an inferior person in the toughest job on the planet with fraudulent votes. God help us. The greedy junkyard dogs are in charge and destruction of America is apparently their goal.

  9. James, you are so right! They know they cheated, rigged the election, and Biden is an illegitimate president! Why all the national guard troops STILL in d.c.? For security for the upcoming sham impeachment? What is Piglosi so afraid of? This impeachment is unconstitutional, Trump is no longer president( supposedly) and a private citizen can’t be impeached. But, if they pull this off, any past president can be impeached, including Obama, baby bush, Clinton et a. Would LOVE to see Obama impeached!

  10. It is for sure that Biden and Harris should have never been put into office. They know nothing of building the economy or this pandemic. Nothing but lies from the get go. We should have overturned this election from on January 6th. Pure and simple with all the voter fraud that took place. There is no way these two idiots won fair and square.

  11. Biden is a literal air head. Thanks to all the idiots that voted for this air head! Just remember the votes for Biden came from the grave, out of the air, off someones computer and voter dumps in the middle of the night! This makes me want to vomit!!! God Help Us All!!!!

  12. Our Political leaders, R back to the SOS ! They R the most boanheaded folks on
    the planet ! No matter where you might live ! Before they even became involved in the political seen, you would have seen them at social events with their mouths running off for hrs. Those of the public, that wish not to become involved would leave the Area’s as quiet as possible , hoping not to be spotted!
    Later in the quiet of their homes with friends, choose which of the boanheads
    to vote for ! Not all R pomus , most R self indulgent though ! Some Ruthless to the core ! { We R responible to save our freedoms } !

  13. I knew that Joe ( sleepy ) Biden was full of crap. He said that he would not get rid of fracking. Well he has reversed his campaign agreement he is talking about looking into the leases and you know what that means. Jobs lost, families going hungry, now we will have to spend more money at the pumps, power for homes, and we will have to rely on other countries. We are self-sustaining and energy self-sufficient. but with his policies we will not be any longer. I feel that he has to pay back all the promises that he has made during the election campaign. Not with the push for the increase of the monies he said he want to give to American families. I believe that it is for all the extra people that he is going to be allowed to come across the border who has paid nothing to our government and taking from the hardworking american people. Who knows they might have the virus. He talks out of both of his mouth. I feel that if they have not already, some of the people who voted for him will soon see that they made an awful mistake. One last thing most of the people who said they hate our real President, they really done know why. They listen to the mainstream media who fill their head full of hate and garbage. But it goes to show that a great business man can run this country with great success. With loyal people who believe in the American people and the United States of America nothing is impossible. Our Last president proved that. He had some haters in his party but he made it work anyway because he did it his way. He could not be bought. Even thought he went through so much in his four years he still got the job done. If it was not for him we would not have a virus vaccine this quick. He did a lot to slow the virus. I feel if he would not shut down the airspace and restricted people from coming to america it would be worse. Sleepy does not have a clue. He is and will hurt America.

    1. Yes yes yes you are so right. They have used the weak Biden to get control now they have it why did his make believe doctor wife allow him to be used she knows he is I well over his head.

  14. Joe Biden, Admits ‘nothing’ can ‘change! ……….Wow !
    What the heck happened to that great changes the Dem.’s
    promised ?

  15. His predecessor said the opposite, fight, don’t give up and the Left claimed he’s not doing enough.
    Pragmatism with a severe touch of defeatism is Biden.
    I wonder W.H.O., told him that?
    Tell that to Newsom in California as they are the second closest State to the fanciful reverse China Syndrome.
    Hard to convince China, USA and the World to change in regard to tearing down all the Labs around the Globe that produce these weaponized viruses. Close ’em and burn them down.
    Then, have everybody work together to erase all these pathogens.

  16. He is as bright as a burned out light bulb I love it. He has been used by the left wing to get control of the country. They don’t need him any more. His make believe doctor wife should not have allowed him to be used in his weak condition.

  17. You have to admit he does give us something, It’s LAUGHTER FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. IT IS SAID LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR OUR HEARTS. THAT IS ALL WE DO IS LAUGH AT biden

  18. Biden should not have even been considered for President as he is nothing but a fragile feeble POS with dementia. His VP is nothing but a politicial HO and falls right in line with Piglosi, Shiff and the Mop Squad. I hope and pray after their 4 years are up that the United States has any dignity at all as the Demonrats are nothing but a bunch of ruthless ugly people that want power and money and do not give a damn about the people or this Country. I don’t imagine it won’t be too long and their eyes will start slanting like the Country they support which is Communist China.

  19. It is was and always will be about control. The liberal party wanted to be in charge and they would stop at nothing to make it happen including lying about the coronavirus. Do you really think the numbers were as high as they were? I read all of your comments and agreed with most… It was a coup To not only overthrow Trump, but the framing for it went with it. I have no respect For the democratic party at all. For those of you who voted for Biden shame on you. The old term you get what you pay for is coming to play now. His true colors are showing.

  20. Biden, crook, pervert and a liar, Impeach him now . Harris did the same thing that they are tried to impeach President Trump for (impeach her). Next we have Pelosi, didn’t not help the people by holding back stimulus check to hurt the President. Tell these Jerks that it is for the people not the swamp. IMPEACH them all

  21. This lying SOB has never had a plan that was for America. He is a China puppet, and he has sold out our country. The democrats are nothing but pure evil. At least most of them. I cannot say that about all of them. I am sure that they do not like the direction this evil, illegal, POS is about to take our country!

  22. WOW for months the Democrats & Biden said Trump was handling Covid all wrong. Now the Democrats & Biden have taken over & the handling of Covid is worse than ever!!! So isn’t everything else Joe & the know it all Dems. are doing! Who voted for these idiots???

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