Nunes criticizes Nancy Pelosi for failing to name members to the House Intelligence Committee

The Washington Examiner reported this week that the House Intelligence Committee has yet to have all of its members named by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Two months have passed since the start of the new Congress, and so far, only Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) have been named to the House Intelligence panel, Nunes says. Given Democrats’ majority in the lower chamber, Schiff was named the head of the committee and Nunes as its Republican ranking member.

“It’s rather strange”

Nunes recently spoke with the Washington Examiner about the bizarre situation with the House Intelligence Committee. According to Nunes, so far, Pelosi has not revealed why it is that the committee’s remaining members haven’t yet been named.

“It’s rather strange, so we don’t know,” the congressman said. “She has not agreed on ratios, we should get another member, so we don’t know yet who she is going to appoint. It’s a big mystery around here. Everybody’s waiting to see.”

Nunes was referring to the fact that Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives in the 2020 election, and Democrats lost seats, though they remain in the majority. Thus, since the House Intelligence Committee’s political makeup is proportional to the House’s makeup, Republicans should have gained seats on the committee — a fact that Nunes pointed out.

“We sure should gain,” Nunes said. “It should be 12-10, and that’s typically what it would be.”

Nunes then took a jab at the speaker, saying that Pelosi “continues to play games, and so the committee hasn’t even been organized.”

“So politicized”

Considering what America has seen happen within the ranks of the House Intelligence Committee in recent years, Nunes opined that it is “probably safer for America” that the committee has yet to be fully staffed.

“I hate to say that,” Nunes said. “It’s been so politicized over the years with becoming, essentially, the Russia hoax committee, then it turned into the impeachment committee, and that’s where it’s been.”

On top of the staffing problem, there is also the controversial situation concerning Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA). Swalwell, an Intelligence Committee member in previous years, was revealed earlier this year to have ties to a suspected Chinese spy, as the Examiner reported. Nunes, for his part, says he plans to investigate Swalwell if Pelosi again names him to the committee.

Nunes went on to speculate to the Examiner that when the committee is fully staffed, he expects Democrats’ “new issue” to be “domestic violence and domestic extremism, for Republicans and conservatives only, of course, so they want to investigate every conservative in America.”

Only time will tell when Pelosi finally gets around to doing her job, but Nunes isn’t wrong. The “domestic extremism” narrative is one of the politically hottest issues in D.C., and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Intelligence Committee members strike while the iron is hot.

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22 Responses

  1. AOC will probably be named, Pelosi just goes gaga over her. She is good at making up lies and theatrics.

    1. Yes, sir, AOC has her Ph.D. in fabrication – the illegals are were detained (with a straight face) that the people were drinking water from the toilet bowls- The riot on Captial hill, she was almost killed; on the other hand, she was nowhere near the rioters). There should be some sort of integrity from the politicians. I know for a fact in a rating of 1 to 10, she is about 3.5 for intelligence, world affairs – I feel sure that she knows little about the geography and history of America.

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  3. you got to admit she knows Outrageous as she sees it every time her reflection is staring back at her. She wanted that little dandy for President. Mr. Do Nothing. So let them eat soup. Guess he isn’t as easily manipulated as they thought.

  4. Get Piglosi OUT of congress! She is derelict in her duties, she is inept and is not doing her job. Guess she is too busy bieng paranoid about her safety! Time for the old bag to be sent packing back to her hell hole San Francisco!

  5. Well at least we will have a new nutcase! We’ve listened to the drivel of this former barmaid, so we certainly have some idea of what she’s all about, right?
    What has happened to our country that we can no longer vote for competent people to lead us in congress?
    What’s it going to cost us if we don’t wake up to what is happning?

  6. Hint some leader ship rater follow another agenda, and don’t uphold their of the Consitution. $$$$$$

  7. Adam Schiff should be the last one to be named to that board. He lies about everything. When Donald Trump was in office, he lied about the Russiagate and knew all along he was lying. He is nothing but scum. I will love it when he gets voted out of the House of Representatives for good.

  8. Why is it that only Republicans are capable of domestic extremism? I thought I saw a lot of that when the Antifa/BLM folks were rioting, looting, and even killing, but Democrats considered that peaceful protests. The Democrats think anything they do is okay, but anything Republicans do is not. Our politicians (and the news networks) are the most bigoted people on the face of the earth. The US is quickly becoming worse than most corrupt nations on the planet.

  9. These sick Democrats are trying to destroy America before our eyes. If nothing is done about soon by the people we will lose all that we have accomplished with Trump with these corrupt sick Democrats in charge.

  10. Pelosi should no be appointing anyone to anything. Plus, one party should not have more than the other. It should be split 50/50. It will do no good to have one party with more otherwise nothing will get done. The party with the most will win every time.

  11. Pelosi needs to be kicked out of our government. She is not worth a damn to the American people of this country. Pelosi is just a lying democrat and she always has been for many years now. If it was up to me she be in jail where she belongs for braking the laws of our country.

  12. The Wicked Witch of the West is to busy playing the HATE game that she does not care about her job or the citizens that “HIRED” her through the “ELECTION”

  13. This is kind of funny – I am not sure I could find anyone to appoint to the House Intelligence Committee. That said, Piglosi doesn’t have to look far to find MANY potential appointees who exceed HER level of intelligence.

  14. She will appoint her “ pet” fart boy swalwell for sure! Cortez is already on a committee, but the rest of the dingbat squad is available. Clearly with schiff in it, you don’t have to be honest or smart, just a good liar!

  15. All the evil this women has caused & her title is the most disliked Senator in the USA & the worst Speaker of the House ever & no one is bring her up on charges of ABUSE OF POWER & having her removed! Come on somebody take her on & get rid of her!

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