NY investigators seize new documents as part of ongoing probe into Trump’s finances

An ongoing investigation into former President Donald Trump’s finances has reportedly entered a new phase.

According to The Hill, investigators in New York have taken possession of various business and personal documents as part of a probe being led by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. and New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Ties to the Trump Organization

The investigators are said to be particularly focused on Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s chief financial officer.

They are reportedly looking for evidence showing that Weisselberg or members of his family received untaxed benefits from the business.

The Washington Post reported that investigators seized evidence from Jennifer Weisselberg, his former daughter-in-law.

She was married to Allen Weisselberg’s son, Barry — who runs the Trump Organization’s Central Park Wollman ice rink — until they divorced in 2018.

In the past, Jennifer Weisselberg claimed that she had financial documents related to the Trump administration as well as information connected to her ex-husband’s family as the result of divorce litigation.

“The meat of what we’re looking at”

As the Post indicated, the evidence collected by investigators this week included a laptop computer and at least three boxes of documents.

Jennifer Weisselberg’s lawyer said that his client “has joint-bank-account information, credit cards, tax records, tax returns — that’s the meat of what we’re looking at to see what types of patterns we might be able to find.”

For her part, she told the newspaper that her “knowledge of the documents” and her “voice connect the flow of money from various banks and from personal finances that bleed directly into the Trump Organization.”

The recent seizure of evidence reportedly comes as the result of a subpoena. Allen Weisselberg was also subpoenaed by investigators last month in an effort by investigators to obtain his personal bank records.

It seems clear that those behind this effort have targeted the Weisselbergs because of their involvement in the Trump Organization in hopes that the information will aid them in an ongoing investigation of the former president. Whether they are successful in finding a link remains to be seen, but Trump has consistently and emphatically denied any wrongdoing, referring to the probe into his finances as a politically motivated quest to take him down.

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26 Responses

  1. Anyone with half a brain knows they are going after him, hoping to keep him from running for office again. He made fools of them all by exposing their corruption and they want revenge. They are so filled with hate they can’t see all the good he did – or, maybe that’s the problem. They want America to fall, so anything done to bring us up again goes against their agenda.

    1. And don’t forget the DA, Letitia James- – she’s one bad apple, following in the footsteps of fraudbama’s goon-girl, Loretta, the “lynchpin”.

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  3. I concur. The investigating personnel are so corrupt, they have so much underhanded data to try & bring our favorite President down. An investigation should be leveled and directed to the corruption of Cy Vance & his entire investigating Team. You will then see the pile of corruption into the Dems investigation group. Their hatred is so deep they were partially exposed by our favorite President. Karma will happen towards all of the Dems.

    1. You said it. Unbelievable! They can’t leave Trump alone, it’s what keeps the dems going. They have bigger problems to deal with. The USA is in a huge mess. Focus on that instead of petty hatred for our best former president. We still love Trump.

      1. This is what the Dems are reduced to when all of their efforts to change America are failing. They should investigate why the ones like Kamala who is in charge of the border are not even showing their face. Also why give money to illegals and not Americans who have paid their dues for years. RVN 68-69

      2. Democrats are scared to death, that Trump will run again. We hope he does, after all the crap Dems. have caused, it would be real good to have law and order again.


  5. They have been after President Trump for years and years. So mush so that they spied on him, created lie after lie to bust him, roadblocks when he was trying to get stimulus checks to the American people, a fake impeachment and the list goes on and on. They’re on him still. It’s ridiculous. They’ve turned to his personal business. The poor man has put up with a bunch of crap. Give him a break. He’s got to have information on the democrats to get them kicked out of their positions. Yet he doesn’t use it. Personally, I would. It would hopefully stop most of the bs they’re putting him through.

  6. This will end BAD for this corrupt crew—-Soon the American People will have had enough of Biden and the DemocRAT Legislative COUP that is going on right NOW!!! They are trashing our right DAILY!!! Americans love being FREE but the Democrats love POWER more so the two WILL collide and the DemocRATS will lose BAD!! Now is the time for the DNC to run up the white flag before it is too LATE !!! FOR THEM!!!

  7. Perhaps the Democrats should worry more about the mess they are putting the United States in instead of worrying about President Trumps financial matters!!The Democrats are low life!!Look how Hunter Biden’s garbage is getting shoved under!!He will most likely be free as all the crooked democrats are!!!Just sickening!!!Being on tv the bigger jerk is Kimmel another slime ball!!!

  8. I guess everybody can now say New Yorkers are ALL honest and righteous going after the big bad Wolf while their yards are impeccably clean. Since they are investigating through hatred of a Personal nature, reciprocation would be in order. Don’t worry, unlike the Lefties, Trump can walk and chew gum at the same time and save America, peacefully.

  9. The Demorats know that the people of the United States are stupid. The Education system that all the Polititans complain about being so bad has done the job that the Demorats wanted it has DUMBED DOWN the feeble minded voters of this great country. About 99.9% of the Demorats voters will belive anything that comes out of a Demorats mouth, and in real every day life they don’t have sence enough to come in out of the rain. This ia a FACT that is shown in life every day of so called runing the government. SAD SAD.

  10. The Democratic party leaders are so afraid of Mr Trump getting back in office that they are going to pull every plug they can, The news casters should bring up Joe Bidens and Hunter Bidens accounts and let the American people be the judge. A new crumb on Biden staff is Garland he is a complete Democrat threw and threw, it doesn’t matter what the Constution says that crumb is willing to screw anyone that Democrats point their finger at.

  11. I wish the powers that be would put as much effort into looking at all the Biden corruption and fellow Democrats as they do trying to take down one of the best Presidents we ever had. And if they find any wrong doing well then they shouldn’t be able to prosecute, treat him like he is a Democrat no problem, nothing to see here!! Our justice system isn’t equal or fair anymore.

  12. Agree with all posts! Look into Vance, he isn’t so Lilly White! Investigate the investigators! And go after the REAL crooks, the entire Biden family!

  13. ” PERSECUTION HERE , NOT PROSECUTION is still going on by the very people that really SHOULD BE PROSECUTED FOR FEDERAL CRIMES NOT TRUMP!

  14. They need to put a wall with razor wire around Mar- o -Logo wild they have trump , McConnell, Curz and all the republicans inside and make a new Florida prison

  15. Why don’t the go after the real Criminal politicians like Pelosi and some of these others that are making millions of dollars when they don’t even make $200k a year. Pelosi is proving that part of that is with insider trading.

  16. Where’s the hunter / Joe Biden China investigation? Sweeping the dirt under the Rug ! They cant stop the Trump investigations , going on 5 years and they’ve found nothing ! Crooked Hillary got away with corruption on many accounts! The Biden’s are as crooked as they come ! Stop the trump BS and start convictions on the real crooks ! DEMOCRATS

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