Oath Keeper leader seen with Roger Stone before Capitol riot arrested

Countless video clips and photos emerged in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill, allowing authorities to build criminal cases against those believed to have been involved.

Recent reports show that a leader of the far-right Oath Keepers group who was seen that day with Roger Stone, a one-time adviser to former President Donald Trump, has been arrested. 

“Standing up for freedom”

Stone denies knowing Minuta, describing him as someone who volunteered to serve as his personal security that day.

Robert Minuta of Newburgh, New York, was reportedly taken into custody on Saturday, though the charges against him were not immediately announced. According to his wife, he never entered the Capitol building as part of the siege but was just “another patriot” at the scene “standing up for freedom.”

Thus far in the continuing investigation, at least five members of the Oath Keepers have been arrested — including three who are facing conspiracy charges.

The FBI has determined that the group “took steps to plan an operation to stop, delay, and hinder Congress’ certification of the Electoral College vote.”

It is unclear whether prosecutors believe Minuta had any part in planning the group’s mission in D.C. that day, but his arrest is fueling such speculation.

“I had no advance knowledge”

Stone’s involvement, if any, in the riot is also unknown. He did speak at the rally held in the nation’s capital prior to the riot but did not make any statements interpreted as incitement or endorsement of violence.

Prior to Minuta’s arrest, however, it was reported that members of the Oath Keepers provided security for Stone during the rally and some were seen near him throughout the day.

For his part, Stone declared that he had no knowledge about the breach of the Capitol building before it happened.

In a statement to ABC News, he said: “I had no advance knowledge of the riot at the Capitol. I could not even tell you the names of those who volunteered to provide security for me, required because of the many threats against me and my family.”

Stone has long been a polarizing partisan figure and became a household name during the Trump administration. He had been convicted of tax and bank fraud along with criminal behavior uncovered during former special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Stone was ordered to report to prison in July until his sentence was commuted by Trump in December.

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20 Responses

  1. I do not understand why they do not go after Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, & many other Dems who initiated the riots on June 6 at the White House? The Dems are the ones who initiated ANTIFA & BLM to be there in order to create havoc and trump up charges on Donald J. Trump.

    1. The answer is clear, the demorats are controlling the system, the officials are afraid to touch them, that’s why this mess is going to end up in a civil war.

      1. Kenneth you are right,it seems likey this is going to happen,the Repubs all they want to do is talk,just like Portland Org if they would have gotten violet with Antfi right from the beggening this would have stopped. You can not reason with criminals.

    2. I’m with you they need to arrest pelosi, schumer, Schiff, Hillary, this have more against them , they should be investigated. Be deal is they are Dems.so they have it made.

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  3. The rule of law is what is keeping these communists alive and free right now and yet they are trying to destroy it.

    Better to have a Civil War so we can remove them from power because they are what is destroying the country.

  4. Please don’t count on the FBI (Fraud Bureau of Investigations) to arrest anyone on the dem side including antifa and blm. Since Comeytried to get Hillary elected, the FBI has only gotten worse.

  5. Investigate Piglosi and Schumer. Follow the money! They knew the riot was going to happen, they bought and paid for it! Piglosi didn’t protect the capitol building because she wanted to use it as an excuse to frame Donald Trump and impeach him! She already had the articles of impeachment drawn up before the capitol breach! WHY isn’t she being investigated? Come on Linsey Graham, start this investigation!

  6. Nothing would be more exciting then to see Piglosy arrested and jailed as she deserves. Power has gone to her head in a big way and she needs to be knocked down big time. Who has the guts to do it is the big question.

  7. Carol, The only way to find those with guts to clean up and imprison these scumbags are those who will give up their lives to save our NATION. There are the money and power enthusiasts who hold us locked. Patriots need to organize immediately, that is the question??????

  8. I agree how do you start the proceedings to impeach or get her out of office get all them out before there is no America left for the republicans who want stand up to this administration they need to be voted out of office and all their benefits taken away and replaced with others who will stand up for we the people instead of doing nothing

  9. The deep state is to large to hold any democrats accountable. Even President Trump was taken down by these evil people. The future is bleak.

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