Obama dishes blame on Bill Clinton for Hillary’s 2016 loss

New information has revealed former President Barack Obama blaming former President Bill Clinton for Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016.

Bloomberg shared the information, which was obtained from a transcript of a discussion Obama had with reporters just before he left office.

The remarks

“The fact of the matter is, setting aside that Hillary Clinton got the substantially bigger share of the vote, I think it’s fair to say that a whole series of different things happening — how the email thing unfolded, and sort of the chain from Bill Clinton getting on that plane, to Comey making an announcement,” he said.

“At a bunch of different junctures, people could have made different decisions that would have resulted in it playing differently,” he added.

The prediction

Obama also shared that he felt four years of Trump in office would be okay for the country, but worried about him serving two terms in a prediction that ended up coming true.

“I think that four years is okay,” he said about Trump, Bloomberg News reported.

“Take on some water, but we can kind of bail fast enough to be okay. Eight years would be a problem. I would be concerned about a sustained period in which some of these norms have broken down and started to corrode,” he added.

While some have continued to speculate about a 2024 run by Hillary Clinton, she has stated she has no plans to return to politics.

Biden, however, is under growing pressure not to run for a second term after a weak presidency and several gaffes leading to questions about his cognitive ability to lead.

Obama’s comments may be old news, but his words continue to have influence still today as Democrats seek to continue power in Washington.