Top Obama fundraiser sentenced to 12 years for illegal contributions, tax fraud

A high-level Democratic political donor is going to prison after pleading guilty to a slew of criminal offenses, the Washington Examiner reports

Venture capitalist Imaad Zuberi was sentenced to 12 years behind bars for making illegal campaign donations as well as committing tax fraud and operating as an unregistered foreign agent.

The Examiner noted that while Zuberi had made contributions to former President Donald Trump, Zuberi spent years donating to Democrats in what prosecutors say was an attempt to buy influence. That included serving as a top fundraiser for former President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 White House run.

“Bought political influence”

“Zuberi turned acting as an unregistered foreign agent into a business enterprise,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers said in a Justice Department press release.

“He used foreign money to fund illegal campaign contributions that bought him political influence, and used that influence to lobby U.S. officials for policy changes on behalf of numerous foreign principals,” Demers continued.

Demers explained that Zuberi not only committed these crimes, but went to great lengths to cover them up.

“He not only concealed his lucrative agreements with those foreign principals, but also made false statements about them in a FARA filing,” he said.

Demers went on: “After learning he was under investigation, Zuberi doubled down on his criminal conduct, obstructing justice by creating false records, destroying evidence, and attempting to purchase witnesses’ silence.”

“Should deter others”

Demers said that Zuberi’s “sentence should deter others who would seek to corrupt our political processes and compromise our institutions in exchange for foreign cash.”

Acting United States Attorney Tracy Wilkison said that Zuberi “flouted federal laws that restrict foreign influences upon our government and prohibit injecting foreign money into our political campaigns.”

Wilkison explained that as a lobbyist Zuberi had “enriched himself by defrauding his clients and evading the payment of taxes.”

“Today’s sentence, which also accounts for Mr. Zuberi’s attempt to obstruct an investigation into his felonious conduct, underscores the importance of our ongoing efforts to maintain transparency in U.S. elections and policy-making processes,” she said.

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16 Responses

  1. Well finally one out of many pays for his crime. What about all the others involved? Maybe this one can help with getting the others-let’s hope so. He shouldn’t pay price for all of them.

    1. Seems to me that Obama should be investigated too, along with Hillary. Apparently the two of them had lots of stuff going on with Trump, never went to work trying to figure it out.

      1. I agree. WHEN are the two of them going be investigated & get the AX to GET OUT OF POLITICS that they have deserved for YEARS!?

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  3. There are many Dems out there who are haveing trouble sleeping, wonder why and probley some Repubs, that belong to this club.l

  4. After being part of the U.S.A. Citizenry that watched our Presidential election changed into a laughing matter by foreign interfearance, it has become more than a fact that our elections most likely have been a laughing matter to crooked politicians for quite some time. Do we really even have a Constitutional Democracy or are we living in a smoke and mirrors fantasy ruled by big money and big corporations ?

  5. what happened to the people that he paid money too. Must have left them go huh? maybe we should be prosecuting both sides of the equation.

  6. Give him immunity if he squeals on top Dems getting illegal money- take them down with him- Obama, Clinton, et al.
    Go for it!!!!!

  7. I’m sick of all the reporting of illegal actions by Obama/Biden and their administrations and nothing happening about it, especially to Obama, Hillary, Biden, FBI, etc. don’t tell me the upper levels had no knowledge about all the crooked actions especially when it was with their approval, and don’t deny they approved it all. The entire administration should be arrested convicted and jailed for life at the least, and shot or hung for treason and for the coup they attempted and still are making attempts to further damage Trump. The American people are highly intelligent for the most part and have seen what’s been happening. Obama’s presidency and now Biden’s has all been a sick joke at best and should be punished at the maximum levels with death penalties demanded.

  8. Biden will be pardoning a lot of guilty Democrats so that they won’t be ratting out all the other Trump hating crooked Democrats for their part in this conspiracy to cheat and destroy the peoples choice Donald Trump from winning his second term.

  9. Biden will be pardoning a lot of guilty Democrats so that they won’t be ratting out all the other Trump hating crooked Democrats for their part in this conspiracy to cheat and destroy the peoples choice Donald Trump from winning his second term.

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