Obama pledges support for Hollywood writers' strike

 May 26, 2023

Conservatives have long accused Hollywood creators of working hard to advance the Democratic Party's political agenda.

Former President Barack Obama appeared to confirm the truth of that accusation this week by returning the favor. 

Obama is "really supportive of the Writers Guild"

According to Rolling Stone magazine, voiced support for striking Writers Guild of America (WGA) members during a livestream on Thursday.

"I know there are many studios and streamers who feel a little bit embattled and there’s been a little bit too much of a glut of product and they’re looking at their bottom line and their experiencing shareholder pressure," Obama was quoted as saying.

"But the fact is, is that they wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for writers creating the stories that matter," the former president continued.

"My hope is that as somebody who’s really supportive of the Writers Guild and as someone who just believes in storytelling and the craft of it, I’m hoping that they will be compensated and the importance of what they do will be reflected in whatever settlement’s arrived at," Obama declared.

Joe Biden hopes "writers are given a fair deal"

The former president said he is "very supportive of the writers' and the strike" and expressed hope "that they get a fair share of the fruits of their labor."

Rolling Stone noted that this is not the first Obama has weighed in on the WGA strike, as also addressed the issue via a May 16 Instagram post, saying that "we all deserve to be valued and treated with respect."

Nor is Obama the only major Democrat to take a stand, as President Joe Biden did so as well at a White House screening of the Disney+ series "American Born Chinese" earlier this month.

"I sincerely hope the writers strike in Hollywood gets resolved, and the writers are given a fair deal that they deserve as soon as possible," the president declared.

White House had previously said it would not get involved in the strike

"This is an iconic, meaningful American industry, and we need the writers and all the workers and everyone involved to tell the stories of our nation, the stories of all of us," he went on to add.

Interestingly, Fox News pointed out that Biden's comments came despite an earlier statement from the White House that it would stay neutral.

"You’ve heard us say many times before, we don’t speak to an ongoing strike," the network quoted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as saying in a briefing on May 2.

"We’ve said this over and over again, as we’ve been asked when different entities and you see workers strike in those different entities. We’ve been very clear," she added.

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