Obama slams Rush Limbaugh, Fox News for giving ‘megaphone’ to Trump agenda

Barack Obama repeated one of the favorite talking points of his presidency on Tuesday, slamming conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for stoking division among the citizenry, the Washington Examiner reported.

The former president was back to his smug self during a virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden in which he went after conservative media for supporting President Donald Trump.

Obama slams Limbaugh

During his Oval Office tenure, Obama was fond of blaming Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for driving misinformation and sowing seeds of national division.

The former president channeled those classic Obama-isms during his first campaign event with Biden, an online fundraiser that brought in almost $8 million — the biggest haul for Biden yet, according to Axios. There, Obama, known for keeping the mainstream media on a tight leash, slammed conservative media for giving a “megaphone” to Trump’s supposed agenda of hate, the Examiner noted.

“What we have seen over the last couple of years is a White House enabled by Republicans in Congress and a media structure that supports them and has not just differed in terms of policy, but has gone to the very foundations of who we are and who we should be,” Obama said, according to the Examiner.

The ex-president went on to encourage Democrats to reach out to friends and relatives who might listen to Limbaugh.

“If you’ve got an uncle, or a grandmother, who is watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh — if I say something to her or him, they’re not gonna be paying much attention,” Obama said. “In fact, I can’t reach them. But you can.”

Blasts Trump, praises Bush

Since endorsing Biden, Obama has started to weigh in with a heavier hand on the 2020 election, often speaking like a president in parallel — and taking frequent jabs at Trump’s leadership without specifically calling him out by name.

In his formal video endorsement of Biden, Obama unloaded on Trump and attacked the conservative “propaganda network,” in a riff on familiar complaints about Fox News and its allegedly nefarious influence — as if liberals don’t already control 99% of American media outlets.

During Tuesday’s fundraiser, Obama peppered Trump with a series of MSNBC-style platitudes, accusing him of ignoring science and the “rule of law,” according to NBC News, and contrasting Trump’s approach with that of former President George W. Bush, whom liberals have rehabilitated in recent years simply for the fact that he is not Trump.

Unlike Trump, Bush had a “basic regard for the rule of law and the importance of our institutions,” Obama said.

Just like Obama himself, of course.

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