Obama spotted walking President Biden off the stage during a swanky fundraising event

 June 19, 2024

The White House and many Democrats are still actively denying that Presiden Joe Biden, 81, is in rough shape, even at his age. 

More than once, Biden has been led off of a stage by his friends and family, and the Biden adminstration still will not admit that the president likely has something going on.

If it weren't for the loving arms of his family members and friends, Biden would have ultimtely had quite a bit of trouble getting off of the stage at multipl varying events.

The latest evidene that Biden needs help navigating his way off of stages came this weekend at a "ritzy" campaign donor event in Los Angeles.

What happened?

While Biden continues to take a beating over his increased frequency of gaffes, this last one, which appeared to show Biden freezing on stage, might have taken the cake.

After Biden wrapped his remarks, the audience cheered and it was obviously the moment Biden needed to walk himself off the stage.

However, former President Barack Obama, who was also in attendance, ultimatley helped his former sidecicl

Fox News noted:

As the trio stood onstage smiling toward the crowd, Obama was seen reaching over and taking Biden’s wrist before putting his hand on the current president’s back and walking toward the stage’s exit. The scene sparked a renewed wave of criticism online that Biden is "confused" and "senile" and also jokes that the scene was reminiscent of a senior care home ad.

Many polls have shown that voters are not happy with Biden's cognitive state and would much rather see him retire.

"Deep fakes"

Given the number of times Biden has frozen in the past several months, the White House decided to play it out as if the videos of the president, taken by multiple news outlets, were "deep fakes."

"They are cheap fakes. … They are done in bad faith. And some of your news organizations have been very clear, have stressed that these right-wing … critics of the president have a credibility problem because the fact-checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation," White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wrote.

Clearly, the White House understands the gravity of the situation and knows that Biden is in trouble, which is why they're attempting to gaslight voters into believing something else.

Only time will tell if Biden freezes up again, and how the White House will handle that.

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