Obama warns Dem voters that Republicans will investigate their political opponents

Democrats, expected to take nothing less than a shellacking in less than two weeks, have already deployed their heavy hitters to the campaign trail to mitigate losses.

One of those power players is former President Barack Obama, whos’ made more than a few appearances as of late.

According to the Washington Examiner, Obama recently warned an audience that Republicans, should they win back majority control in Congress, will launch investigations into their political opponents. 

Obama packaged the statement in a broader narrative in which he claims Republicans don’t have a plan to help average, everyday Americans pay their bills.

“How’s that gonna help”

“[Republicans] spend the next two years investigating their political opponents, how’s that gonna help you pay the bills?” Obama said when speaking at a rally in Georgia.

It was a hilarious statement, to say the very least. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and every other high-profile Democrat spent years going after their political opponents, namely Donald Trump, and still are to this day.

“The only way to make this economy fair is if we nurture it and fight for it, and that starts with electing people to see you and care about you, people who will struggle alongside you and fight for you,” Obama said.

He added: “That’s what you did two years ago when you sent Joe Biden to the White House. Joe is fighting for you every day. He’s doing everything he can to put more money in your pockets, to make your streets safer, and bring more good paying jobs here to Georgia.”

Even more ironic is that his argument can easily — and factually — be used against him, as Democrats have wasted so much time attacking their Republican political opponents that they’ve let America run right off the proverbial tracks.

Attacking Walker

Now that Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker is running a razor-thin race with Sen. Ralphael Warnock, Obama took several shots at Walker during the same rally.

“My point is not that being a football player disqualifies you from being a senator,” Obama said, adding that he believes Walker is a “celebrity who wants to be a politician.”

Only time will tell if Obama’s arguments persuade voters to choose his side, but with the polls looking like they are just about a week away from the election, his messaging appears to be far too late.