Obama warns that ‘democracy’ won’t survive without more Big Tech censorship

Former president Barack Obama called for more rigorous censorship on Big Tech platforms in a major speech at Stanford University.

Throughout his deeply hypocritical remarks, Obama said that “democracy” cannot survive unless the government steps in to control the “sewage” of right-wing “disinformation,” Breitbart reported.

Obama calls for censorship

Nowhere in Obama’s hour of moralizing remarks did he address the question of who decides what disinformation is, and how. But he gave a pretty clear idea of the kind of speech he wants to shut down.

He tied the “disinformation problem” to “racism” and claimed “people are dying” because of “junk science” about the COVID vaccine. He complained that many Americans still don’t believe the 2020 election was fair and accused conservatives like Steve Bannon of polluting the public square with “sewage.”

“People like Putin and Steve Bannon for that matter understand it’s not necessary for people to believe disinformation in order to weaken democratic institutions, you just have to flood the public square with enough raw sewage,” he said.

While calling for “democratic oversight” of Big Tech, Obama said it was needed not to restore free speech, but to limit it further. He preposterously claimed that social media companies that banned a sitting president and censored a major scandal about his 2020 electoral rival are too passive about “content moderation.”

“While content moderation can limit the distribution of clearly dangerous content, it doesn’t go far enough,” Obama added.

“Our democracy”

Reflecting on the 2016 election that Democrats challenged for years with a bogus, deranged story that Donald Trump was secretly a Russian agent, Obama, showing no self-awareness whatsoever, said that he failed to realize “just how susceptible we had become to lies and conspiracy theories.”

Despite the Democratic party’s own major role in poisoning the nation’s political climate with conspiracies like the Russian collusion hoax, Obama continued to assert the authority of the mainstream media and discredited authority figures like Anthony Fauci to tell people what “truth” is.

Once people “lose trust in their leaders, in mainstream media, in political institutions, in each other, in the possibility of truth, the game’s won,” he said, lamenting that “citizens no longer know what to believe.”

Casting his opponents as enemies of justice, Obama called on “those of us who believe in democracy” to decide whether to allow “our democracy” to “wither” or to “make it better” by adopting Obama’s program of censorship. Hinting at the dramatic scale of his plans, Obama compared the U.S. Constitution to a defective computer program with major “bugs” in an apparent effort to tie his authoritarian proposal to America’s Founding.

When Obama says “our democracy,” what he means is the Democratic party. In an actual “democracy,” voters might reject Democratic one-party rule, something Obama is clearly anxious to prevent by making political dissent into a crime. It’s hard to think of anything more un-American.

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