Ocasio-Cortez called out by progressive journalists over absence in major NYC Amazon unionization fight

Progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has proudly embraced the “socialist” label and often proclaims herself to be a champion fighting on behalf of the oppressed working class.

A couple of progressive journalists just called the congresswoman out, though, for being largely absent throughout a fard-fought unionization battle between Amazon and New York City workers but somehow still found time to attend the elitist Met Gala last year, Fox News reported.

An inappropriate and unearned “flex”

On Thursday, a previously fired Amazon worker named Christian Smalls succeeded in organizing the Staten Island Amazon Labor Union, and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, who had previously voiced her support for the effort, tweeted out emojis of flexing biceps in celebration of the achievement.

But progressive journalist Krystal Ball, host of “Breaking Points” with conservative-leaning journalist Saager Enjeti, tweeted in response to the congresswoman’s flex and wrote, “Here’s the guy who organized the union drive talking about how you left them high and dry. These are your constituents and you couldn’t be bothered to show up until they’re on the cusp of victory.”

Ocasio-Cortez then replied snarkily, “The warehouse isn’t in my district and maybe you should look at a map before claiming so. One scheduling conflict aside, we have requested oversight investigations into Amazon, met with Amazon workers in the Woodside warehouses, and more. Hope you do more due diligence next time.”

Called out for making excuses

The congresswoman’s snarky reply to Ball did not go over particularly well, though, as was made clear in the responses she received from not just Ball and another progressive journalist name Jordan Chariton who has been covering the union organization effort extensively, but also from the union organizer himself, Smalls.

In reply to Ocasio-Cortez’s claim that the Amazone warehouse wasn’t in her district, Smalls wrote, “Smh @AOC that’s terrible workers from your district definitely commute to Staten Island I know them personally maybe you should do your do diligence.”

Also tweeting in reply to the congresswoman was Chariton, who took issue with her “scheduling conflict” claim and tweeted, “I was told by workers that your folks told them at last minute it was a security issue — not a scheduling conflict. Whether ur district or not, you would think a NY Congressman could’ve tweeted support — particularly in final weeks — for one of the most important union drives in U.S.”

“Security” concerns didn’t stop attendance at the elitist Met Gala event

That is when Ocasio-Cortez began to spin like a top in response to the critical callouts, and wrote in a reply to Chariton, “Security was an issue as well. 2021 included a lot of high level threats on my life, which limited what activities I was able to do, especially those outside. The combination of that + when we are able to get resources/time to secure them creates scheduling + logistical conflicts.”

The congresswoman’s explanation didn’t fly, though, as Chariton fired back, “With respect, there’s no security concerns with sending out support to @amazonlabor trying to win the first unionized Amazon to 13 million followers. Your voice and organizing power makes a difference.”

Perhaps a bit less diplomatic and respectful, Ball then reengaged and gave Ocasio-Cortez a dose of her own snarky medicine as she tweeted in response to the congresswoman’s excuses, “No security concerns at the met gala,” followed by the thinking face emoji.

Ocasio-Cortez had previously voiced support for the Amazon workers’ unionization effort but was nowhere to be found while that fight was ongoing. Now that victory has been achieved and the congresswoman seeks to bask in that accomplishment, she has been called out as a Johnny-come-lately by the progressive journalists and union organizer who had been engaged in that fight the entire time without her assistance or presence.

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