Ocasio-Cortez blasts Fox News, Tucker Carlson for airing “unmitigated racism”

In her short time in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has made quite a splash in the political world. As a rising star of the Democrat party, she’s drawn a lot of media attention, and not all of it has been flattering.

On Wednesday, Ocasio-Cortez accused Fox Star Tucker Carlson of being a “white supremacist sympathizer,” because of comments made on his show about the noticeable sanitation issues in her district.

Carlson calls AOC out

Apparently, even mentioning the issues associated with illegal immigrants overcrowding spaces is enough to label one as “white supremacist.” Ocasio-Cortez took issue with an interview in which Carlson and his guest criticized the trash collection issues in Ocasio-Cortez’s district.

The guest, editor and writer for City Journal Seth Barron, told Carlson that “[Ocasio-Cortez’s] district is actually one of the least American districts in the country.”

“A very high percentage of her district is, in fact, illegal aliens. Now the way they inhabit housing there is such that they live in a lot of illegal spaces, like basements, and many people live there, so they wind up producing a lot of garbage that the landlords don’t want thrown out normally. So, hence you wind up with a lot of garbage on the streets.”

He continued, “I worked out there. It can be a little gross.”

Carlson appeared to agree with Barron’s assessment, showing footage taken in Ocasio-Cortez’s district which showed trash bags and litter throughout the streets and parks of the district. Carlson said, “It’s not that hard to pick up garbage off the street of your own congressional district … She should be ashamed of this.”

She didn’t like that…

On Wednesday, the freshman Democrat tweeted the clip in question and responded, “I go back and forth on whether to go on Fox News.”

“The main reason I haven’t is squaring the fact that the ad revenue from it bankrolls a white supremacist sympathizer to broadcast an hour-long production of unmitigated racism, without any accountability whatsoever.”

Ocasio-Cortez continued in another tweet, “‘Immigrants are dirty’ is a lazy, tired, racist trope,” and went on to tout her “green new deal” as her solution to the “environmental injustice” shown in the clips.

For his part, Barron issued a twitter apology in which he stated:

I chose the wrong words and that is my fault. I am sorry. The issue I intended to raise was that immigrants, both documented and not, are often unable to access legal, affordable housing. This crisis has led many people, including immigrants, to illegal basement dwellings, where landlords fail to collect trash, leaving residents in a tough position, ultimately putting their garbage on the streets.

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