Official in charge of deportations admits that Biden is removing far fewer immigrants than Barack Obama did

The Biden administration official in charge of deporting illegal immigrants has made a series of damaging, on-camera admissions about the collapse of immigration enforcement on Biden’s watch.

Corey Price, the top-ranking official at ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), said during a deposition that deportations are down seven times compared to the Obama years, Fox News reported.

Biden official admits deportations way down

Florida attorney general Ashley Moody, who is suing the Biden administration over its immigration policy, grilled Price during a taped September 9 deposition.

He was presented with data showing the stark drop in removals over the past 10 years: deportations surpassed 400,000 in 2012, but in Biden’s first year, ICE removed just 55,598 aliens.

When asked if it’s true that Obama in 2012 deported “almost seven times the number of aliens than the Biden administration did in either 2021 or 2022,” Price responded, “That appears correct.”

Price also conceded that ICE arrests have dropped 40 percent compared to 2019, saying, “that appears correct.”

Dereliction of duty

Moody cited Price’s testimony as proof that Biden is deliberately refusing to enforce the immigration laws “in a way that has never been seen.”

“At every phase of the process, Biden is purposely failing to enforce the law and detain and remove inadmissible immigrants,” she said.

The head of Border Patrol, Raul Ortiz, also testified to Moody that illegal immigrants face “no consequences” under Biden.

Upon entering the White House, Biden moved swiftly to turn the page on his predecessor’s tough immigration policies. Among other radical moves, Biden handed down new ICE guidelines that severely restricted who agents could arrest and deport.

Clearly, immigrants are getting the wrong message: according to the latest figures, more than 2 million illegal immigrants have entered the country this fiscal year, another Biden record.