Massachusetts climate official resigns after threatening to ‘break the will’ of citizens

Critics have frequently asserted that progressive officials frequently couch their plans to implement far-left policies in subtle language that belies their true intentions.

Once in a while, however, the mask slips and individuals reveal their true goals. That was apparently the case for a top Democratic official in Massachusetts who threatened to “break the will” of citizens who refuse to buy into a radical response to environmental issues.

“The person on your street, the senior on fixed income”

Reports indicate David Ismay, the state’s undersecretary for climate change, stepped down from his post amid backlash over remarks he made last month. He was addressing the Vermont Climate Council when he asserted that there is “no bad guy left” to blame for climate change in his state.

As a result, Ismay claimed that it was necessary to “turn the screws” on those who refuse to change their habits, a significant portion of whom he identified as “the person on your street, the senior on fixed income.”

He went on to cite “analysis” showing that “60% of our emissions come from … residential heating and passenger vehicles.”

“Can’t even say that publicly”

Ismay’s ultimate goal is “to point the finger at and turn the screws on and now break their will, so they stop emitting.”

He reiterated his plan to “break your will” before demonstrating some level of self-awareness by admitting that he “can’t even say that publicly.”

Nonetheless, his remarks became public, sparking a firestorm of controversy that cost him a lucrative gig.

Apologizing on his behalf, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker affirmed that “no one who works in [his] administration should ever say or think anything like that.”

“My inability to clearly communicate”

In his resignation letter, Ismay offered his own apology and implied that he had simply been misunderstood.

“Although my comments were interpreted by some as placing the burden of climate change on hardworking families and vulnerable populations, my intent was the opposite,” he said.

Ismay directed his mea culpa to the Baker administration, declaring: “My inability to clearly communicate during that discussion reflected poorly on the Governor, on you, and on our hardworking staff.”

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13 Responses

  1. your apology will not be accepted by the people no matter how hard you try you showed way to much communistic traits

  2. So, he doesn’t want me to heat my house or go to the grocery store? For how long were you thinking. BTW. How are you getting around, and are you eating your food raw?

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  4. I find it so amazing that these dumbazz DemoRats make it sound as if the United States is the only country in the World that is causing pollution which is ridiculous. India, China are the biggest polluters in the world. Let me add, what caused the ice age? Global cooling. What ended the ice age? Global warming. Our Planet has always gone through changes. It natural.

  5. Sorry, NOT SORRY! You sound like a DICTATOR! Must you not forget… most of the people you are targeting. Have been highly exposed to your type of behavior. Not too mention many of your Democrat LYING FRIENDS just DO AS I SAY!NOT AS I DO!! HYPOCRYTES!

  6. Of course the demonrats want to break the will of the people! By keeping us broke, unemployed, sick, sad, depressed, and hopeless we are easier to control! Until we aren’t! The time is coming that we will say enough, and fight back!

  7. YES, STOP THE DEMORATS! FIRSTLY, Lets get rid of Criminal Islamic Traitor Obama, the chief snake-head pushing Communism, after pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars in paybacks he received from Ukraine and China via Biden, Russia via Hillary’s Uranium One Deal, Iran via Kerry, and on and on. His Shadow Government wants to change America and BLM started on his watch in 2013.
    This Criminal was the first to use the fake Dominion/Scorecard Election Software to get reelected in 2012, in 2018 using this fake computer software, got the Unfit Islamic Fraud Squad into office to push his Anti Semitic, Anti Israel and Communist agendas and that same year stole the House of Reps for the DRats, with Pelosies involvement and knowledge and now again he and his cronies illegal involvement in 2020.
    He is an expert snake at getting others to carry out his dirty work for hefty paybacks and is the cause of spreading race divisions and white supremacy and racism amongst our people quietly pushing his agendas via his Shadow Government.

  8. All of the democrats need to resign out of our government. Their no good for our country any more and the people of this country. Their always lying about everything. so the people of this country can’t believe any thing that they say.

    1. Don’t disagree with you Michael, but it would be much more effective if people started voting these far left, out of touch, special interest career politicians into office to begin with. We get what “we the people” vote for. Need to stop voting for incompetent people.

  9. did he plan on putting the screws on all the politicians who are flying all over in their planes?????
    climat change is a big ”’hoax

    we know climat changes on its own every so often, plus we do good, what about india and other countries???
    it is all a big joke, of course biden fell for it hook line and sinker..

    look at the green deal with the windmills in texas!!!! aoc you must be so proud, another b-s stunt…..

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