Omar: Keeping the filibuster is ‘killing our democracy’

Progressives are desperate to transform the United States root and branch, and they’re running out of patience.

After Republicans blocked a partisan bill to re-engineer America’s elections, U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) complained that Democrats who refuse to kill the filibuster are “killing our democracy.”

Omar unhappy GOP blocked voting bill

According to Fox News, Omar’s outburst came after Senate Republicans blocked the so-called “Freedom to Vote” act, which would make no-excuse mail-in voting the law of the land, among other obvious, cynical power grabs.

“The filibuster — and the Democratic Senators who continue to uphold it — are killing our democracy,” she wrote in a tweet on Wednesday, according to Fox.

The filibuster requires 60 votes in the Senate to end debate, and is seen by many as an essential feature that distinguishes the Senate from the more passion-driven House.

Uncompromising leftists have called to abolish it as Joe Biden’s agenda stalls in Congress, but their demands have faced opposition from moderates like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) who have called for compromise.

Democrats have been particularly frustrated with their inability to completely rig America’s political system with so-called “voting rights” legislation changing election laws in their favor.

Authoritarians give lectures on “democracy”

For some mysterious reason, the GOP is reluctant to back these efforts. Wednesday’s vote was the third time this year that Republicans filibustered the Democratic Party’s “voting rights” agenda, as Fox notes.

President Biden, for his part, whined that it was “unconscionable” that Republicans would dare to stop legislation that works to the advantage of his party, and said the filibuster was driven by the so-called “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was improper.

Without the Senate filibuster, Democrats would be able to transform not just elections but the electorate itself, with a massive amnesty package that could add millions of undocumented migrants to their voter base. But those opposed to this vicious scheme are, according to Democrats, “killing democracy.”

Presumably by “our democracy,” Omar means a tyranny of a very, very thin majority of 50 Democratic senators (plus Kamala Harris as a tie-breaker). “Democracy” is when Democrats get what they want, and opposition to their demands is criminalized.

It’s just a little funny to get lectures on “democracy” from Omar, an open borders zealot who expresses loathing and contempt for the United States every chance she gets. But should we really be surprised?

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