‘Open season on judges’: Karl Rove calls for crackdown on mobs intimidating Supreme Court

Not even an assassination attempt on Justice Brett Kavanaugh has convinced the Biden administration that it needs to chasten pro-abortion extremists seeking to intimidate the Supreme Court.  

By failing to arrest protesters who are gathering outside conservative justices’ homes, the Biden regime is sending a message that it’s “open season on judges,” Fox News contributor Karl Rove said.

Rove calls for arrests

If the Biden administration won’t “apply the law” to protect the justices, then the administration should admit openly that the justices are on their own, Rove told Fox News Sunday.

“We either ought to apply the law, or we ought to just simply say it’s open season on judges. Cause that’s what we’re doing.”

Juan Williams pushed back with the Biden administration’s talking points downplaying the thuggish “protests” as legitimate peaceful expression, despite the obviously menacing intent of the “protesters.”

Williams denied that the mobs are trying to influence the Court and blamed the justices for inciting a reaction with their “radical” draft decision overturning Roe. Apparently, it’s “radical” to interpret the Constitution as written.

“But the idea that they’re [the mobs] influencing. I don’t think it’s about the influence. I think it’s about a Supreme Court that’s become radical, and extremist, and activist and is going to put out a decision that’s going to — believe me — polarize this country. Undo 50 years of law,” he said.

The troubling “reality”

Rove bristled at Williams’ suggestion that “people have a right” to intimidate judges for making decisions they disagree with.

“So because you disagree with a prospective decision, you think people have a right to show up in front of a house and try and intimidate a judge to change their mind?” Rove said.

Williams demurred, saying “no one’s defending” intimidation tactics, but “unsettling” protests at the homes of public figures are just political “reality.”

Except they aren’t just “reality.” The justice system favors the left, which is why the president of the United States is openly encouraging unrest despite an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court justice that, for political reasons, is already out of the headlines.

Williams surely knows that conservatives would never get away with “protesting” outside a judge’s home. No one should. There should be one set of rules for all. But that’s not the “reality” we have in America today. Perhaps Rove hasn’t realized that yet.

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