Orthodox Jews overwhelmingly support Trump over Biden, new poll shows

While polling results remain volatile in the final weeks of the election season, one recent survey provided President Donald Trump with some good news in connection with one particular voting bloc, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

According to a survey commissioned by Ami magazine, a whopping 83% of Orthodox Jews favor the incumbent president over Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“A 29% swing in favor of Trump”

The poll included 1,000 respondents from a total of 22 states and includes a 3% margin of error.

Only 13% of those polled favored Biden and the remaining 4% said they were still undecided.

Jake K. Turx, the magazine’s senior White House correspondent, announced the results in a tweet and contrasted the president’s apparent supermajority of support with his performance four years ago.

“This marks a 29% swing in favor of Trump since 2016,” he wrote.

“Can be an important factor”

In addition to presidential preference, the poll also revealed that more than three in four respondents do not believe the mainstream press treats Trump fairly, compared to just 14% who say he gets a fair shake from the media.

The Times of Israel reported that polling focused on the Orthodox community is scarce, but available data suggests rising support for the president. A 2017 survey by the American Jewish Committee found that an estimated 54% of Orthodox Jews cast a ballot for Trump in 2016.

Of course, the latest poll does stand in contrast with the larger Jewish community in the U.S., which tends to favor Democrats. Among that bloc, 70% are expected to support Biden, according to a recent Pew poll, which is almost identical to its 71% support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton four years ago.

While the most recent Ami survey did not ask respondents to list a motivation for their preferences, Orthodox Jews in New York City have recently protested against local coronavirus-related lockdowns imposed by Democratic leaders. Meanwhile, Trump has expressed a desire to see an end to such measures. In a tightening race, this support could be a critical factor in Trump’s bid for a second term.

As the Times explained: “The largest concentrations of Orthodox Jews is found in New York, New Jersey, and other overwhelmingly blue states, giving them limited influence, but tens of thousands also live in swing states such as Florida and Pennsylvania whose Electoral College votes are slated to be decisive on November 3, and can be an important factor there.”

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