‘Outright propaganda’: LA Times creates new section devoted to covering Kamala Harris

Conservative critics of the mainstream media have often lamented a perceived bias among reporters toward Democratic politicians and causes.

In its recent move to establish a new beat devoted exclusively to covering Vice President Kamala Harris, the Los Angeles Times has given some right-wing readers another reason to fret. As Fox News reported on Tuesday, the newspaper announced the creation of this team in order to document Harris’ “historic rise” to power in the fledgling administration of President Joe Biden.

“All kinds of firsts”

An Instagram post from the Times goes further, explaining: “Kamala Harris is all kinds of firsts: the first woman, woman of color, Black woman, mixed-race woman and South Asian elected to national office.”

Called “Covering Kamala Harris,” the new section is being described by the paper as dedicated to “all aspects of Harris’ career — her political significance, her sometimes shifting political stances and her efforts to build a foreign policy resume.”

The Times reiterated that message in a tweet calling Harris “the first vice president who is Black, South Asian, female and the direct descendants of immigrants.”

More than a few conservative pundits lambasted the move, including commentator Mike Cernovich, who said the new Instagram account is “worse than you could imagine,” describing it as “outright propaganda, like something from a PR firm.”

Criticism was not limited to conservatives, however, as Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept made it clear that he was not impressed.

“Literally a fan pic page”

“It’d be nice if the media gave Biden and Harris a few weeks to settle into power before beating them up this way,” he tweeted with apparent sarcasm. “Sheesh. I mean, I’m as in favor of an adversarial press as the next person, but there are limits or decency and respect.”

Greenwald went on to complain that the Harris-themed Instagram page amounted to “literally a fan pic page” alongside the Times logo.

The Washington Post has also faced some backlash for its coverage of Harris, including the republication of a 2019 article with a passage that cast her in a negative light missing. The paper later restored the original piece after eagle-eyed readers spotted the omission.

Of course, the historic nature of her political rise has long been a topic of interest, as Harris herself noted during a recent CBS News interview.

“I was raised to not hear ‘no,'” she said. “Let me be clear about it. So it wasn’t like, “Oh, the possibilities are immense. Whatever you want to do, you can do.’ No, I was raised to understand many people will tell you, ‘It is impossible,’ but don’t listen.'”

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58 Responses

  1. Hey….what do expect ??? They’re just priming the public for her takeover in the near future. Just pushing the PR for when she takes over for an addlepated Biden. My money says he doesn’t last two years !!!

        1. I think if we can get Republican Nikki Haley to run for President, she could beat Harris! Google her! Great background, experience, also a woman of color, and she has the likeable factor that Harris doesn’t have

          1. I thought Nikki would be good too but I’ve read stuff about her that’s not real good! I’m endorsing Kristi Noem or Candice Owens!

    1. I agree with you completely – don’t even think he will last two years and they always favored the Democrats and also Harris making a big deal with all her firsts. So far Biden isn’t doing that great as it is – see plenty of complaints against him already

      1. I give him 3 months till he has signed all the bills, then he will be deemed unfit. He will have a breakdown probably when they put Hunter in jail. Isn’t it funny how we poor folks go to jail asap and the rich get to stay and continue doing their deeds?

    2. Bottom Line……..How did a concubine ever get to be VP……….Her mammy came from India, and pappy came from Africa…….Then in latter years Brown paid her 80,000 for being his concubine……..

      Thats about almost egual to the Pislosi family that were the Italian Mafia.

    3. She is a tyrant . Who sees nothing wrong with oppressing a people to her own glory . If you disagree with the left they now have the law behind them . They just made all of these new laws for them not us . We are in terrible trouble if we disagree . With them . Your kids will never know freedom. Unless we fight for it .

    4. Its pretty obvious that Biden was put there so he could be a puppet . But he didn’t do anything these past 2 weeks he was not doing the past 40 years in office . Giving our jobs away . Blaming other people for any failures in government. And these past 4 years we learned just what the dark side wanted us to learn . What every oppressed nations people learn to keep them in toe . That is . They can do what ever they want to do weather it is against a law or not and get away with it . This puts fear in the people . Fear of their government. They need us to fear them and to disarm us . And hey , why not add hungry and jobless into the picture . And they wave a stimulus check at us. Many people will heel . They already have. Like good little sheeple. And put a ” dangerous virus in the mix. Well there you have it . All of the pieces are in place . To beat your your wife. Give her a gift. Say you are sorry . Do as you please . If the covid is so bad . Why do you need to be tested to see if you have it ? If i have a cold I know I have it. They already have the news fake book and Twitter working for them . The have their heads so far up the democrats but the think farts smell good . The mainstream news tell us what the dark side tells them too . When was the last time you checked yourself if Italy or France are having people die from covid ? Why aren’t the thousands of people who are coming up from South America Sick ? I’ll tell you what they are bringing up . With them . Border police said they have turburculosis . Most of them have. And so will we . Coming soon to our southern borders. Let’s hear it for Measles and tuberculosis. Oh goody and Biden just welcomed them all in with the promise of health care and college. And they are sick . And so will we be soon . Any one notice that no one died from the flu this year ? Last year 40k did . Maybe covid chased the flu away . Or maybe there is no covid here . We are in an abusive MARRIAGE AND NEED TO GET A DIVORCE . If the states split up it will weaken the dark side .its why Ted Cruz is trying to put back in place what our forefathers had but its been ignored . Senators , congress will have the same term limits as govenors and presidents have . How the heck did Biden stay a senator for 40 years on our money . And give our jobs away . ??? We need to get out of this government. Soon while we still can . We are not going to change the dark side or kick them out . They will continue to kill our old folk and starve us .

  2. The Los Angeles Times announced on Tuesday, the newspaper has created a team in order to document Harris’ “historic rise” to power by “sleeping” her way to the top with Old, Married Politicians.

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  4. Isn’t the fact that Kamala is referred to as: “woman of color, Black woman, mixed-race woman and South Asian” is RACIST? The left certainly wouldn’t stand for us talking about a woman who was a “White woman.” This is outrageous. So glad I left Los Angeles decades ago.

  5. Someone needs to write a tell all about her entire career. She was a small time lawyer until Willie Brown took her under his wing and (jump started) her rise in the filthy Democrats in California. Without Willie she would be just another sleazy lawyer. End of story.

  6. I am so impressed that they gave her -her own selection — Like hell I do — she is not that important to me –not impressed by her record that is full of pat me on the back crap– and any thing else she does — she is not my vice president -and never will be

  7. I hate NYT and all media except a few. The left finds it so easy to lie that they don’t know how to tell the truth. It is alien to them. They will destroy America. Pelosi, Schummer and Biden ARE A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO AMERICA, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND OUR FREEDOM.
    They are in full gear and they do not care that the world is watching and we all see you. You democrats are doing all the illegal ways you want to take the Biden election. He is not my president. He is a thief.

    1. So true . They have no pride . I wander if they ever enjoyed the freedom we have . I know they enjoy taking ours away . Democrats like communism don’t like ideas . Christianity is an idea . Capitalism is an idea . They hate that . Sad part is those ideas let them get to where they are . It matters not to them if people loose jobs . Starve on the street . China said if their people disagree with them they get shot and their family members . People we are in an abusive marriage . Its time for a divorce . Each state can get a divorce . We are big enough to be many countries . And we would do better for ourselves . It may just save our lives and our children’s lives .

  8. She definitely isn’t my VP nor is crazy horse Joe my President. Will never acknowledge him as president of the United States. The votes were stolen from our REAL president and given to crazy joe. Nope he isn’t president.

  9. Investigate Willie Brown’s Plantation’s Legacy!!

    Enough Juicy Scandals to fill a lot of Tell-All Books and maybe even a TV Series!!

    How many Wives and Mistress’s has he had?

    Who are his Law Firm’s Clients $$$$$ ! Under-the Cover Bribes?????

    Willie Brown got his start as a new Lawyer getting Prostitutes out of Jail and worked his way up from there!!

    P.S. The Local Press and Media Adore Him!!

    How many Children of Prominent Politicians have been Appointed to Judgeships?

    Feinstein? Pelosi? Boxer?

    Unleash the Investigations!!

  10. Why is the national guard still in DC.
    DAY BY DAY,We are being stripped of our constitutional rights. We are being censored, ect,ect. They will not stop taking as long as they can get away with it.They will push and push and push..to take as much as they can. They know sooner or later the people will say, that’s it!! No more !! That’s why the national guard is still there…They are pushing hard and fast.. Our only hope is that the military backs up the oath they took to protect our country and constitution…

    1. Yes protect our constitution and the American people . I heard that any of the guards that were republican were sent home . And the rest are sleeping in a parking garage. That would make them wish they were Republicans.
      PEOPLE WE ARE IN AN ABUSIVE MARRIAGE , ITS TIME TO GET OUT OF IT . THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME LEFT . EVERY DAY THE DEMIS ARE CHANGING OUR CONSTITUTION. SO WHEN WE DO ANYTHING THE LAW is on there side . Write to your governors see if they would like to be president of your state . But we need to get out . Else we are just beaten wives .

  11. I give joebama four months at the most.kamala and Susan Rice will oust him, then Susan will oust kamala and Obama will step in to “ save the country because groper joe effed it all up!” Obama is calling the shots, set up the steal, like he stold two elections before. It’s a no brainer, IF anyone is paying attention! Joebama and Harris are the stooges, the Trojan horses to get Obama back in the White House!

  12. National Media and Social media, nothing more than a Communist Propaganda machine.
    Ending Free speech.
    Communist/Fascist Oppression Party. Formally Democrat Progressive Party

  13. You’re cherry picking responses. I can’t believe w/this many negative response you only rec’d 1 positive response. mt

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