PA Democrats insist on counting undated mail in ballots

Pennsylvania is set to accept undated mail-in ballots for the November election despite the Supreme Court ruling against the action this week.

The court’s ruling is being challenged by the state as early votes are already taking place.

The state’s move

“Counties need clarity on how to administer the election, and it’s critical that every voter’s vote is counted in this election,” Acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman said.

“With all the misinformation that has been spread since this week’s United States Supreme Court ruling, it was important for us to reiterate to counties that it’s the status quo, nothing has changed,” she added.

The court’s ruling

“But Tuesday’s decision didn’t address the substance of that debate. It instead vacated a May decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit on procedural grounds, leaving unresolved the central question of whether elections officials should count undated ballots,” the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote.

“Amid that uncertainty, both sides rushed to interpret the ruling’s practical effects,” it added.

The new decision by the state is certain to lead to problems with the election count.

The majority in the Senate is also at stake, especially with close polls in races that include a battle between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz.

The chaos may not end for some time, with anger ramping up on all sides just weeks ahead of a divisive midterm election.