PA Supreme Court orders undated mail-in ballots to be set aside

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered state election officials to set aside undated mail-in ballots in next week’s midterms.

The Thursday ruling was made in a unanimous decision regarding ballots without a date.

The decision

“Under Pennsylvania law, mail-in voters are required to sign and date a declaration on the outer envelope. Despite this requirement, if undated or incorrectly dated ballots are turned in on time, they are eligible to be counted,” Breitbart News reported.

“However, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered election officials to ‘segregate and preserve’ any incorrect or undated mail-in ballots,” it added.

The latest

“On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that counties cannot count undated mail-in ballots (ballots that are timely cast and valid but missing a date on their outer return envelopes) and wrongly dated mail-in ballots (ballots that are timely cast and valid but have an incorrect date, such as the voter’s birthday, on their outer return envelopes) in this year’s midterm elections,” Democracy Docket reported on Tuesday.

“This ruling comes after the Republican National Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee, Republican Party of Pennsylvania and Republican voters filed a King’s Bench petition (a petition filed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court when petitioners seek immediate relief from the state’s highest court),” it added.

The controversy surrounding undated mail-in ballots could be critical in some of the state’s close races.

Of top importance is the fight for the governorship of Pennsylvania. A close Senate vote between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz is also expected.

The winner of the state’s elections may not be known on election night as a result, leading to another round of election controversy.