House Ethics panel rejects Gohmert’s appeal on $5K fine, upholds Pelosi’s metal detector rules

As part of what many have described as an over-the-top reaction by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to a riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, metal detectors were installed outside the main entrances to the House floor, and members were told they must submit to a screening before entering, lest they be hit with hefty fines.

Among those to fall victim to Pelosi’s new policy was Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican who filed an appeal with the House Ethics Committee after being fined $5,000 for allegedly bypassing the metal detectors, a claim he disputes. But unfortunately for Gohmert, it looks like Pelosi is the big winner this time around.

According to the Washington Examiner, Gohmert’s appeal to the Ethics panel was roundly rejected this week, despite the congressman’s best efforts.

Thousands of dollars in fines

Rep. Gohmert’s fine and subsequent appeal stemmed from a notice he received on Feb. 4 from then-acting House Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett, who said the congressman was being fined $5,000, to be pulled from his House salary, for his “failure to complete security screening” before entering the chamber, the Examiner reported.

In his appeal letter to the Ethics Committee, Gohmert argued that he had indeed completed the security screening and passed through the metal detectors that day upon his arrival at the House floor. The Republican explained that he had later exited the chamber to use a members-only restroom located next to the Speaker’s Lobby — where there are no metal detectors — and returned through that unguarded lobby moments later, as he had done countless times previously.

“Arbitrary and capricious”

After being fined for such an act, Gohmert asserted in his appeal that the vaguely-worded rules imposed by Pelosi are “arbitrary and capricious,” as well as unnecessary, since there are no known threats from members of Congress against other members. Gohmert also charged that the policy was being enforced in an “arbitrary and discriminatory” manner, as he had personally witnessed Democrats — including the speaker herself — avoiding the screening process to gain entry to the chamber without being fined.

“There was no notice of a change in the requirement that once all the requirements were met and the House floor entered, that I would have to be wanded upon returning from the restroom mere feet from the Speaker’s Lobby,” Gohmert said in his letter, according to the Washington Examiner. “The fact is, I went through the metal detector properly.”

Gohmert also argued that a $5,000 fine — $10,000 for subsequent offenses — was too steep for members of Congress like himself who aren’t independently wealthy. “Because I have sacrificed to become a public servant and am not a millionaire as is the Speaker, who arbitrarily set the amount of the fine, this kind of massive fine becomes an arbitrary bar to eliminate the non-wealthy from Congress,” he wrote, according to Roll Call.

“There is no legitimate or compelling basis nor need to detain Members of Congress to require them to be screened by metal detectors or wands before they are allowed to enter into debate or voting on the House floor,” the congressman added.

Pelosi wins this round

Unfortunately for Gohmert, it appears the 10-member House Ethics Committee was unmoved by his pleas. A news release issued by the panel on Tuesday noted simply that “a majority of the Committee did not agree to the appeal.”

The Ethics panel is made up of five Democrats and five Republicans, and votes are “taken in secret,” according to the Washington Examiner, meaning it’s unclear who voted for or against the appeal.

In any case, it seems Pelosi won this particular battle, and Gohmert will soon see $5,000 deducted from his paycheck — all for the crime of merely entering his place of work.

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22 Responses

  1. She is an evil, vindictive hypocrite!!!! How disgusting!
    She throws around rules and conveniently doesn’t follow them! I would continue to contest the fine- this is an outrage! Oh BTW, She allows the morally bankrupt Swalwell continue to serve on the intelligence committee when he was sleeping with a Chinese spy! No fine for him!
    She has to go!!!

  2. Did Piglousy ever pay her fine?? She was caught doing the same thing and last I heard she was refusing to pay it!!

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  4. This is just a pretext for preventing Republicans from entering the chamber as the majority of the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico disappears. Nazi Pelosi now commands a democrat margin of 2, and it is likely that the coming juggernaut of boondoggle schemes that the illegitimate puppet regime is proposing will contain legislation for which that 2-seat margin will not survive. In that case, the Obammunists will have to follow the playbook that Hitler and Goering used to get legislation enabling the Nazi dictatorship through the Reichstag in 1933 – preventing the access to the floor of members who would vote against the legislation. This was what actually converted Germany to a one-party dictatorship, and is what they are planning to do here as well. Down with the dictatorship! Biden (and Pelosi) delenda est!

  5. Until they stand up to her she gets her way,rules for you but not her.Praying hard that this corrupt swamp will be brought to justice.Might not see it in our lifetime but she can’t buy her way with the Lord.

  6. Pelosi is a worthless power crazy old woman that needs to be removed from the government. She will take the country down to enhance her wealth. She does not care about the voters, or anyone other than Nancy. This is not government of the people, for the people, and by the people. It is a disgrace to the USA.

  7. Why is Nasty Pelosi allowed to make up rules that suit her manipulative, dictatorship whims? Is there no end to the power she’s taken. This person is so evil and hateful. I guess her communist party pals have forgotten her mask defiance at her hair dressers?? Rules for the common people, not for the government hypocrites!

  8. If only the people stop watching left wing state control media and censorship such as; CNN, MSNBC, NBC, WNBC CBS, BBC, WCBT, MPR, NY times, Rachel Maddow, Good morning America, BBC and smaller left wing media. Check out conservative websites. The Epoch Times news, Sean, Dana loesch radio, newsmax, Tucker Carlson, rush limbaugh radio and Joe Pagliarulo as Joe Pags and more. Real news for real people.


  9. Nancy Pelosi is a wicked witch with ice water flowing through her veins. Everything with her is about politics and no regard for the American people. She is a liar and an evil person from the inside out. Her face resembles that of a demon. She has abused her power as speaker of the house and should be impeached.

  10. This is outrageous! When does anyone in congress decide to over throw this hate filled woman and demand she stop her vicious attacks one those she can’t control?!?
    God help this country that s going down

  11. Gohmert should use the argument that he will pay his fine when Pelosi pays HER fine since she, too, violated her own rule!

  12. Pray on God will take care of Pelosi with the correct and fair justice that she has earned, she will lead the Demorats stright to and thru the gates of Hell. That is a fact and is as sure as GOD is in Heaven with great patients.

  13. Nasty Nancy broke her own rule but nothing was done to her. Seems the rules are for everyone else and not her.

  14. Democrat’s are out of control. Why aren’t the republicans using federal judges to stop their crap? They had an obama judges blocking everything President Trump was trying to do at first.

  15. Money, money, money is keeping the swamp in motion, period. So the only thing left to do will be true patriots beginning cleanup time !!!!! After all we the people are the employers of the government not the employees !!!!

  16. Vacate the speaker’s chair, remove Piglosi! Andy Biggs of Arizona has a motion going to do that! Tell your representatives to back that motion, remove her from congress!! Piglosi is a menace!

  17. This is outageous, Pelosi is as Protected as Hillary Clinton. Special Rules for those in Power.
    Dems are looting this Country in many ways.
    Nothing has been done so far as to Create Anything to Help the People.
    They are Takers and nothing more, to Benefit only themselves.

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