‘Smear campaign’: Paralympian stripped of position for opposition to kneeling during anthem

While U.S. sports has become increasingly politicized in recent years over the issue of whether athletes should be allowed to kneel during the national anthem, one Paralympian has been criticized for his decision to defend standing for the flag.

Soccer player Seth Jahn is facing a mounting backlash from progressives after speaking out in opposition to kneeling during the anthem — but he is not backing down.

Accusing critics of “politicizing sport”

Jahn reportedly received death threats based on his position but responded with a scathing statement aimed at the “hypocrites” within the U.S. Soccer Federation whom he accused of throwing him under the bus. The controversy stemmed from his reaction to the organization’s decision to repeal a policy banning players from kneeling during the anthem.

For his part, Jahn voted to keep the policy in place. In a lengthy speech, he expressed his view, thus sparking outrage that resulted in his removal from the Athletic Council.

In his initial statement, he spoke out against “politicizing sport” and issued divisive comments questioning leftist narratives and insisting that there is “zero data” to support the notion of pervasive police brutality.

Jahn went on to claim that “95% of deaths in black communities come at the hands of another black man” and questioned the notion that America was “founded on the backs of slaves.”

Instead, he argued that the U.S. is the only nation to fight for the abolition of slavery, asserting that “nearly 400,000 men died to fight” for that cause.

“Embarrassed to represent a hypocritical federation”

“Their sacrifice is tainted with every knee that touches the ground,” he said.

Jahn was injured during his time in the Army, which included tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As for the federations decision to remove him because of “racial harassment,” he spoke out mere hours later with a defiant vow not to apologize.

“I’m embarrassed to represent a hypocritical federation that conducts a complete assault on diversity of thought without even seeking clarifying statements from me in their smear campaign,” he added.

According to his remarks, multiple members of the federation have reached out privately to express their solidarity but were too intimidated to defend him publicly.

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24 Responses

    1. I love the sports, but I hate the bending knee! Since the start, I have stopped watching the disrespect!

  1. I stopped watching all sports, except high school because of this issue. I bend my knee to pray. Grow up no one wants to hear your whining. Show some respect.

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  3. I stopped watching sports along time ago.due to the anti flag and police statements. Even some highschools allow this behavior.

  4. As a Veteran, I haven’t supported “ANY” professional sports, nor do I intend to. Kneeling is a Mockery to what it stands for. I have and always will Kneel for the Cross and Stand for the Flag and National Anthem. I served proudly for the right to do both and no hypocrite athlete of any sport, will ever influence me differently. God Bless America (or what there is left of it), and I salute this brave Paralympic for what he has done and stands for. I hope that there is still enough decency left in America to do the same. God Bless “ALL” VETERANS AND ACTIVE DUTY MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES”! SEMPER FI

    1. Edward, Thank you for your service. My dad had a 25yr career in the Army and I will always respect our flag, our service members and our men and women in blue. I will always stand for the National Anthem – always! Thank you again!

  5. As a ggggggrandaughter of MULTIPLE patriots of the American Revolutionary War, a granddaughter of a WWII and Korean War veteran, daughter of a 28 year Army Chaplain, wife of a 26 year CMSgt, mother of three AF veterans and mother-in-law of one, I am convicted and determined that absolutely no professional sports will be viewed in my home. We have not watch a single period, quarter, inning of any sport. The only sport that still honors the flag and God and country is rodeo. That is what we’ll watch. I wish there was a way to let this young man know that so many people are behind him and support him. God bless him.

  6. Thank you for following your beliefs….
    I have stopped watching sports cuz none of them can keep politics out
    of the conversations……. it also is so wrong for people to let politics spoil
    the games….please do it on your own time, not during or before a game!!
    You all make way too much money to waste yours and my time…..
    Let’s get back to entertaining us instead of soapboxing us…..
    I love my country and my flag, so don’t waste your breath…….

  7. Depending on the reason someone is kneeling, it could be a good thing. At the moment, America needs prayers to help survive the pandemic and the new government leaders. I’m not sure which of those is more scary, but I’m leaning toward it being the current leaders of our Nation!!!

  8. turn the off and let them know what a load of garbage they are–and to think they want us to pay them — stop the pay check and remove their support —

  9. God bless you Seth Jahn. Thank you for having the courage to stand for your beliefs, and I do believe that there are many more that agree with you, but it seems that they are to afraid to speak up. How very SAD. I believe we all need to kneel when we PRAY.

    Wake up America, stand up for what is right; if you don’t stand for something, you will stand for NOTHING. We are losing the beautiful America I grew up with. We need more men and women like Seth. Wake up and lets work together to keep the America we use to have. Can we get back to watching sports without all the insanity of politics involved? Until then, I will not be watching any sports.

    God bless America, always.

  10. I am a disabled Marine veteran and it made my blood boil until I said it is not worth my time I have not watched sports since they started there garbage I love this country The ones making all the noise have never given this country but a hard time They want they want that is all you hear They talk about raising the minimum wage because people sat they need to make more money We all need that but you can’t run things that way These are part time jobs for students This is not career jobs They are not meant to feed the family They will help but they are low pay for low skill That is how it must be

  11. I don’t care about sports ,so called social media, nor news anymore. I believe we are becoming or have become a dysfunctional society as well as decadent society without any values.
    Better to avoid all the utter nonsense that exits everywhere in the country.
    Stop the world I want off.

  12. I will no longer contribute to the Olympics due to their treacherous behavior toward this patriot,

  13. What, when did we decide freedom to believe in what you think is right is grounds to be punished. I know the Dems. want to change the Constitution but as far as I remember this is still a free country! Sports has gotten far to political that is why so many of us stopped watching! They won’t be happy till NO one ever watches.

  14. If they take a knee in any sport then there should be no government subsidized funds. Most large sports receive federal subsidies. I don’t want to be paying for those.

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