Parents exploit Biden immigration policy loophole to push unaccompanied kids across border

Over the past week, a number of bombshell reports have emerged which revealed that aside from the primary immigration influx at the border, an alarming number of those crossing into the United States are unaccompanied minors.

According to the Washington Examiner, President Joe Biden is responsible for the unprecedented uptick in illegal migrant children jumping the border stems because he authorized a loophole that parents of migrant children are exploiting which scrapped the policy of returning detained children back into Mexico.

The loophole

Biden’s administration created ruled that prevent children who are caught at the border from being returned to Mexico if they’re from any other country besides Mexico.

Given that a large portion of the migrants racing toward the southern U.S. border are from Central American countries, it’s not surprising that existing facilities are over capacity, filled with unaccompanied minors primarily from countries other than Mexico.

The parents of those Central American children are clearly well-versed on Biden’s new policy, which has reportedly encouraged them to practically push their children over the border as once they’re detained, they have a much higher chance of staying in America with a sponsored family or in a facility, since they can’t be returned to Mexico.

“Still intact families who are desperate for their children’s safety are going to send their children to cross alone,” Amy Maldonado, an immigration attorney, told NBC News.

Adults seeking asylum are currently being turned away at the border, with officials saying that policy is due to COVID-19 protocols.

The surge is real

In another stunning report, CBS News confirmed on Tuesday that there are roughly 13,000 unaccompanied children currently being held along the southern U.S. border, thousands of which are being held well beyond the federally-mandated 72-hour limit.

While still refusing to label the situation as a “crisis,” U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told reporters that the agency is close to setting a 20-year record, calling the worsening situation “difficult.”

“The Border Patrol facilities have become crowded with children and the 72-hour timeframe for the transfer of children from the Border Patrol to [Health and Human Services] is not always met. HHS has not had the capacity to intake the number of unaccompanied children we have been encountering,” Mayorkas admitted on Tuesday.

Though Mayorkas and the Biden administration have tasked the Federal Emergency Management Agency with handling the care of minors in custody, plans for new facilities and procedures are very clearly not being executed fast enough to keep up with the influx.

Keep in mind, Biden has barely been in the White House for two months and this situation is already complete and total proof that his immigration policies are a failure. Only time will tell how it all ends up, but it will certainly become much worse before it gets better.

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14 Responses

  1. MAY GET WORSE! Nothing has been good since the idiot got in there!!!!! BRING TRUMP BACK! Biden stole the election anyway!!!!!! The way things are going now…WILL ONLY GET WORSE!

    1. We can only hope that more people come to realize their mistake. Then in 2022 we dump the money spenders and get some actual brains who will rid the GOP of RINOS in congress and in 2024 they will “all” beg Trump to run and fix the “GD” mess the Buffoon and Princess Spread Eagle are and will create, if we are still free with some of our pay checks left to feed our families.

  2. No surprise in any of the trash that has entered our country. Biden is an idiot and has no respect from any of the leaders, think putin. China, etc and mist real Americans know he is a fraud. The demorats have really screwed America and are proud of it.

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  4. Agree! Biden could care less about the kids, it is all about undoing all the things President Trump did. His arrogance knows NO bounds, and his foolishness shows he cares nothing about our country! Impeach him, Harris and Piglosi!!!

    1. Then what Pelosi….these people know what they have done for power….this was an illegal election…your brain needs to work…Trump should be president…how r you going to fix millions of votes that were just turned over for Biden…you actually think anyone who knows Biden’s history would actually vote for him…people voted because they are Dem’s…. never looked at his history…he was never President material…and now you have him n what follows him….SCARY

  5. The Biden administration knew that a crisis would develop when they made it open borders !!! What was their thinking – more votes ??? This surge at the border is costing the taxpayer dearly !!! Why not have them camp out on the democrats/liberals lawns ??? Americans had better stand up to this administration – AND FAST – before it bankrupts this country !!!

  6. A lot of his “ dementia” is a cover! Remember plausible deniability? He isn’t as demented as “ they” want us to believe! But—- it is a safe escape route for him when the time is right for Harris, or Obama decide to take over” because joe effed everything up ( according to plan) and they ( HE) will have to step in and “save the vountry”! Wake up folks, you have been had!!!

  7. We don’t take care of our American born homeless children nor adult men & women but we are now going to put illegals First, that is just disgusting just like Biden & the Democratic party!!

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