Minister sues Pelosi over Capitol security measures, claims First Amendment violation

Even some Democrats — including Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton of D.C. — are beginning to question the need for security features like fencing around the U.S. Capitol building in the wake of January’s riot.

In a lawsuit related to those measures, one minister has named House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as a defendant in arguing that his constitutional rights were violated, Breitbart reports.

“Worked with Capitol Police”

While Norton said she has begun to see the fencing primarily as “security theater,” Rev. Patrick Mahoney believes it represents something far more sinister. According to Breitbart, the Presbyterian minister claims that the security measures in place prevented him from holding a Good Friday prayer event on the same spot he had held various similar vigils in years past.

The lawsuit filed on Thursday argues that the refusal by Pelosi and others amounted to a violation of his First and Fifth Amendment rights.

“Plaintiff’s application for a permit to hold a Good Friday prayer vigil is in the exact same location where he held his Good Friday prayer vigil in 2020,” the court document states.

Ahead of last year’s event, Mahoney “worked with Capitol Police to ensure that he was able to safely hold a prayer vigil on Capitol grounds even though COVID-19 was constraining the nation,” the lawsuit adds.

In addition to Pelosi, the lawsuit also names Vice President Kamala Harris and the United States Capitol Hill Police among the defendants.

“Guarantees for traditional public forums”

Mahoney’s court filing claims that they have prevented “any First Amendment activities” behind the fenced area despite providing evidence of any “specific threat” to the Capitol grounds.

“Defendants further refuse to inform the Plaintiff of when public sidewalks surrounding these halls of power may once again be utilized for public speech,” the suit reads, according to Breitbart.

According to the Center for American Liberty, which is representing the minister, the situation presents a clear constitutional violation.

“If there was ever a location in need of divine intervention, of God’s favor and wisdom, it would be the U.S. Capitol where legislators from across the country gather to pass laws that have a profound impact on virtually every aspect of our lives,” the group’s CEO, Harmeet K. Dhillon, wrote, according to Breitbart. “Denying a minister and faithful parishioners the ability to pray outside the U.S. Capitol is unfathomable and violates First Amendment guarantees for traditional public forums.”

In a recent statement on Fox News, Mahoney made his position clear, asserting: “We have filed this lawsuit, first of all, to return the people’s house back to the people and allow the First Amendment to be honored and celebrated at the United States Capitol. If they can ban peaceful First Amendment activities at the United States Capitol building, then free speech is in danger all across America.”

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22 Responses

  1. The Democrats are turning our great country into a communist nation.
    God help us all!!!

  2. He left off abuse of power, Pelosi think she is above everyone and controls all, she is long over due for being impeached.

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  4. She gets put in by the Illegals and the Immigrants in California. She promises that she will make sure they are citizens of the USA and they can’t ever be kicked out. They are free to go from State to State as long as they promise to vote her and Schumer into their respective offices. The Illegals and Immigrants know exactly how to spell the name, they don’t need a DL to vote for her either.

  5. Somewhere she has gotten the idea that she runs and controls all access to the White House! The surname Pelosi is a name for an hirsute individual whose hair or beard was long and thick. The Italian surname Pelosi is derived from the word peloso, which means hirsute. Early Origins of the Pelosi family The surname Pelosi was first found in Savigliano, a town south of the prosperous city of Turin.

  6. The corrupt love Pelosi who is a super HUGH corrupt person. She should be impeached. Well it is the time the witch gets impeached.

  7. this “attack” on the capital today is a Pelosi planned attack so she can put the fence back up. this is the “peoples house” not hers. if she is so afraid because she has created so much hatered towards herself from the evil things she has done, she needs to hire a fleet of guards to protect her and pay for them herself from the millions she has made off of us!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. The fence and guard at the capital was a BIG RED FLAG for any person who wants to keep their freedom that we have always had. I have never in all my life heard of anyone running into the capital and certainly never heard of a guard being killed. Piglosi is the one who is suppose to manage security also is the one who had the fence put up and National Guard there (to make Trump look bad and also to protect her ugly self) so it is my thoughts
      that she is responsible for the horrible events of today and she should take responsibility. She needs to be fired and sued by the family of the officer that was killed.

      1. I agree with you 1000% Bella Amen to that there was no reason to blame PRESIDENT TRUMP when piglosi is totally responsible for the Jan 6th Riots

  8. Pelosi “gets dragged into court”? Knock off the deceptive click bait and just report the news. Frankly, if she were to “get dragged” anywhere, it should certainly be to the gallows.

  9. I absolutely hate what is happening to America “ Home of the Brave” “Land of the Free” May God Bless us All🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Pelosi? Gallows??!!!! I’ll bring some nice strong rope, we can start a trend. . Hopefully grow hanging traitors into a National past time, bigger than baseball and the NFL😀

  11. Thats because Pelosi and Biden are non christian they claim they are such big time Catholics but have never stepped foot in a church if they are so against allowing a preacher to have a service that is a yearly ordeal thats ok come judgement day they will pay dearly for their non Christian mistakes huge time losers

  12. Adam Peters while he may be a Conservative Institute staff writer, he is also living in an underground bubble if he believe that dragging Pelosi into court means that she’s done. She’s Teflon; nothing is going to stick on her.


  14. This ole communist hag should have been ousted CENTURIES ago. She is nothing but a liar, cheat and an enemy to the American citizens.

  15. I grew up in Washington, DC back in the mid – 1940’s and 1950’s. It was a great time to live there and a safe place mostly. As a young person and a teen I use to take friends and visitors from Alabama and Mississippi to visit the Capital, the Smithsonian, etc. The police at every location were nice to us and even though we were pre-teens and teens they were polite and talked to us like we were important visitors. Now you go there and “That woman …Pelosi” has turned our monuments and buildings into something that resembles a fortress to keep people out. Wake up America and let’s take our Capital city of the USA back from the lying witch.

  16. I believe that had they taken down all that fencing around the capital bldg, perhaps Officer Evans who was just killed would still be alive. It was Pelosi who wanted it to stay so I put the blame on her. She’s an evil woman.

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