Patton Oswalt attacks Trump supporters as racist and sexist

Patton Oswalt is promoting his new Netflix special by attacking Trump supporters who oppose vaccine mandates as sexist and racist.

Oswalt’s profane rants against conservatives are featured in clips from his new video that was released on Tuesday called “We All Scream.”

The attacks

“Oswalt reportedly goes on to compare ‘MAGA country’s’ refusal to get vaccinated to their antecedents who took the polio vaccine decades ago, seemingly referring to both cohorts as ‘backward, racist, sexist, homophobic dipsh**ts,'” Breitbart News reported.

“’Gimme that shot, I can’t police these water fountains from a wheelchair!’ Oswalt says, in apparent imitation of the older generation,” it added.

The concerns

Oswalt’s attacks on conservatives are nothing new. In 2020, he blasted Fox News for speaking against COVID-19 lockdowns.

In his latest special, he criticizes conservatives who continue to take what he calls “plague cruises” without vaccination as part of their expression of freedom.

The new special simply builds on and summarizes the comedian’s past attacks, including a blasting of Joe Rogan who he called a good guy who has gone off the rails.

The special may appeal to those on the left who already agree with his message but his harsh words that associate conservatives with racism and worse for standing for freedom make his own use of freedom look ridiculous.

He may openly claim to be woke, but his agenda also attacks those different from him simply for a laugh.