Sen. Paul wants Fauci ‘voluntarily removed from TV’ over COVID-19 ‘fearmongering’

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been one of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s harshest critics on Capitol Hill and reiterated his concerns in a statement this week.

Arguing that the Biden administration’s top health adviser is guilty of “fearmongering” in discussions regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Paul said Fauci should be “voluntarily removed” from future television appearances and interviews.

“Such a disservice”

The infectious disease expert has been a fixture on the airwaves since the earliest days of the public health crisis, but Paul spoke for critics across the nation in calling Fauci a “petty tyrant” whose time to exit the public stage has come.

Dismissing him as one of the “TV doctors” opining on the horrors of the virus, Paul said Fauci is bent on keeping Americans in an irrational state of fear.

“Dr. Fauci should be voluntarily removed from TV because what he says is such a disservice and such fearmongering and almost all of what he says isn’t even matched by the science of his own institute,” the Kentucky Republican said.

Paul is not the only high-profile Republican who believes Fauci’s messaging has grown tiresome and inappropriate — particularly his tenacious advocacy of restrictions imposed to limit the spread of COVID-19.

The senator has been a consistent source of criticism, however, recently accusing Fauci of engaging in “theater” for continuing to advocate wearing facemasks even after receiving a vaccine. Paul later claimed that Fauci believes Americans are too stupid to think for themselves and need a “noble lie” for their own good.

“Still not OK”

This week, he doubled down by labeling the doctor a “petty tyrant” for saying that it is “still not OK” for inoculated Americans to dine indoors at restaurants.

For his part, however, Fauci has been reluctant to admit any personal missteps in his advice to Americans and has proven to be somewhat sensitive when others call him out for perceived faults.

He accused Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson of spreading a “crazy conspiracy theory” when the host asked on Tuesday whether Fauci actually believes vaccines work, given his recommendation of continued mitigation measures even after receiving a shot.

Given his apparent belief that his critics are conspiracy theorists, it seems unlikely that he would ever voluntarily step down from his media pedestal.

As for whether news networks will grow tired of his antics remains to be seen, but Paul is clearly speaking for a large number of Americans who believe Fauci’s television hits have outlived their usefulness.

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25 Responses

  1. Senator Paul definitely has his fingers on the American pulse when he speaks out against (nasty) Fauci’s fearmongering…right on Senator. For those of us who have been shut down or out, or had businesses wiped out, or suffered depression because of extended lock downs, Fauci’s goal posts are on wheels and he seems to delight in doing it. “Look who I am and what I can do to you.” But even worse is the hypocrisy…an open border, thousands surging, many with “the bug” are allowed into the country and being distributed??? to where…so the spikes can blow up again and the sham repeats.

  2. Falsi, isn’t about to VOLUNTARILY give up his media stardom !! He is a glory hound, I think he thinks that he is the god of virology and that he is the superior of all things COVID!! The only FACT is, that he started doing studying for different types of diseases with COVID then transferred the study to Wuhan Institute in 2015 or 2016. Then when COVID became a problem, he and Bill Gates, had a vaccine ready to be tested 01/08/2020 !!! All facts, you can find out if you try!!!

    1. It’s not about him giving up media appearances it’s time for him to go. What else do you need to prove that he is all about making things worse not better. Because the bad things get the more he will profit from it. He is not about helping Americans or the world handle the situation.
      For sure he is an old habit that is hard to get rid of, but the time has come for him to go. None of his advices has helped and now he is flip flopping on the efficacy of vaccines.

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  4. Fauci is a puppet for the globalist regime, the congressional handlers. The real question is why only Fauci? There are 100’s of infectious disease doctors that are just as educated and with the same experience. Fuaci is the one that is controlled and is trying to keep the country locked down. He needs to be arrested and tried for treason against the American people!

    1. I agree with Rand Paul and it is time to stop the fear mongering and get down to fixing the countries problems.

  5. “Another rat in the Swamp”
    Yes agree with all but remember this swamp runs deep, just another rat!
    Never thought much of him from the start, yet another fool to carry on the hysteria in all of this crap…

  6. I agree that Fauci needs to be removed. He is wishy/washy…depends on which direction the political wind blows. I called him out the day he appeared on tv. Wishy/washy without a shred of truth; yet loaded with fear instilling falsehood.

  7. He is a proven left wing activist manipulator. His adoring letters to the Hilda beast says it all. Why else would Biden on a mission to destroy all things Trump maintain this guy in a prominent position. He is a good little left wing soldier who has mastered the style of lie and decite.

  8. Remove Fauci from everything-he needs to stay home regarding COVID. Let’s see him & his family enjoy what the American public has been resolved to. Stay home, wear masks, can’t go here or there, business closed etc. He’s a Quack Dictator for sure. Total power hungry creep.

  9. Fauci will not voluntarily give up his $400,000 per year job. He’s the highest pad person in the government.

  10. I knew that this vaccine was another FLU shot. But it came at the expense of every American. Since when did the American people need to be SCARED into losing jobs, losing homes, losing loved ones, needing to be told to wear gloves, wear face masks. Oh, but holy smokes, here comes another variant coming to kill the rest of you. I am not belittling the fact that we list lived ones. But is it necessary to put the fear of God into every living soul in the USA? It is time for Americans to stand up and say, “Wait a minute. I want to live and work and play without someone bludgeoning me over the head”

  11. I have abided by all the mandates given by our state and federal governments since this started. I have had both vaccine shots as have my sister and brother; all of us elderly. Today we ate inside a restaurant and felt free; living again. Such a simple enjoyment. There were no other customers close to our table and the server wore a mask. I did not feel unsafe. It is time to stop all the contradictions by Fauci; do not want to call him a doctor as I think he is useless. It is time to stop with trying to put fear in all of us citizens. Fire him, kick him out of the media, shut him up; we are tired of hearing him.

  12. Why r you not posting my comments? I can have an opinion to agree with the Senator and not trust what Fauci says or does. I use no negative talk, simply stating on some social sites, I am berated & demeaned for my opinion. I restate we must return to civility. Maybe if we ALL watched ALL different news stations, we would be better informed and be able to form opinions based on facts, not feelings. We need to put on our big kid britches and and play nice.

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