Paul: Impeachment 2.0 is a ‘sham’ that should be ‘dismissed before it’s allowed to begin’

The further the nation moves away from the January 6th riots, the less political will there is to interrupt President Joe Biden’s agenda to refocus the nation on Donald Trump, who no longer holds public office.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) went so far as to declare that the impeachment process is a “farce” that should be “dismissed” in an op-ed published on Sunday morning. 

Sham impeachment 2.0

Paul has been ramping up his arguments against the planned second impeachment of Donald Trump since last week, pointing out that impeachment is meant for sitting presidents and the trial must be presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

Trump’s second impeachment will likely meet neither requirement, Paul argued in the op-ed published by The Hill.

“The Constitution says two things about impeachment,” Paul wrote. “It is a tool to remove the office holder, and it must be presided over by the chief justice of the Supreme Court.”

Rumors that Chief Justice John Roberts wants nothing to do with the impending impeachment trial have grown for some weeks, and Paul explained that “If Justice Roberts is not presiding over this, then it is not impeachment. This charade will be nothing more than bitter partisanship and political theater.”

Though Roberts’ office has remained mum on the issue, Paul told Fox’s Sean Hannity on Friday that “the story is that the chief justice is not going to be asked, but the reason he’s not going to be asked is he’s privately said he’s not supposed to come unless it’s an impeachment of the president.”

“So, this is an illegitimate procedure,” he continued. “And even the chief justice of the Supreme Court, who’s not a rabid Trump person, who’s actually, if anything, sort of in the middle, he is now saying this is illegitimate because I’m not getting in the middle of this and I’m not coming over for this.”

Showing their hand

Paul argued that politicians that give speeches telling their supporters to “fight to take back your country” can’t be held responsible for ensuring violence, pointing out examples in which Democrats could be accused of being guilty of similarly serious charges as President Trump.

“If we are to blame politicians for the most violent acts of their craziest supporters, then many of my colleagues would face some pretty harsh charges themselves,” Paul noted. “I’ve been shot at, assaulted and harassed by supporters of the left, including some who directly said the words of politicians moved them to this violence.”

Paul explained:

I was there at the ball field when a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter almost killed Steve Scalise and seriously wounded several others. At the time, Democrats were arguing that the GOP plan for health care was “you get sick, then they let you die.” Is it any wonder an insane left-wing gunman took that rhetoric to heart and concluded: “If the GOP is going to let me die then maybe I’ll just kill them first”?

As the nation looks to Joe Biden to fulfill his promises of “unity” and “reconciliation,” Paul noted that he’s willing to “work with Democrats to find common ground” on issues such as civil liberties, but that “no unity or common ground will be found while Democrats continue to fight the last election. This so-called impeachment is a farce and should be dismissed before it is even allowed to begin.”

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75 Responses


    2. You are So Correct about the Impeachment Farce. It really is time for the DemoncRATS to be Impeached once and for all. The DemoncRATS of the Senate have wasted Billions of Taxpayor Dollars on numerous Illicit Witchunts trying to stop President Trump. The Demons know Trump knows all about their Illegal and Corrupt actions which have been undertaken.

      America needs to open their eyes with how Corrupt the entire group of the Senate and the House of Reps are.
      Full of Bribes, Kickbacks, undisclosed freebies which for anyone else would be Imprisonment.

      We SEE YOU Pelousy, Schumer, Biden, Obama, and all of the rest of you ROTTEN POJ’s. It’s time for America to Purge these crooks from Our offices.

      Vote to remove them ALL!!!!

  1. Senator Paul is correct. This sham impeachment is another of pelosi’s political stunts! She is determined to destroy President Trump any way she can. She has gone too far with her vendettas, and SHE should be removed from congress.

        1. She(Pelosi) appears to be so consumed with hate especially anyone who disagrees with her she is no longer capable holding a speakers position and making decisions that affect American citizens lives. She needs to be replaced.

          1. Impeach her and the rest of the ones that want to impeach Trump. This is GOD’s world not there’s!

    1. She isn’t fit for congress or any other government office, she is apparently in her second childhood. She is like a child wanting to get even with someone (Trump) instead of doing the job she was put in to do! Instead she wants to play games. Put her out to pasture!!!!

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  3. Thank you Senator, for being a voice of reason in a sea of insanity! We all know that this impeachment is nothing more than a ploy to prevent President Trump from running for any political office, but especially that of President in 2024. The Democrats know that they will no longer have the advantage of cheat by mail, and they know they can not beat him in a legal election! So they are trying to cheat again by pushing through an illegal impeachment. Should they succeed at this farce, all I can say, is they better pray we never get control of both the House and the Senate again or it will be open season on EVERY Past President, if they can bring false charges and ram them through, than so can we!

  4. Actually, I think this is great for Trump. It gives him more time in front of the American people, and an opportunity to explain why he believes the election was stolen. I was skeptical about that claim until I watched the hearings from Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona. Those were broadcast during the day and the American public had little time to focus on the hearings. I realize that the Dems want to charge Trump with causing the riot on Jan 6, but after watching almost all of his speeches and comments, I was never incited to do anything except vote for him. This “trial” will be on every news outlet around the world, so the more Trump, the better and the Dems will appear so idiotic.

      1. Amen, Mayra J. Torres ! 🙏
        This impeachment is a sham. He is no longer the 46th president by regular law. So it is like impeaching you and me.

        I am a non-denominational CHRISTian that goes to Calvary Chapel and listens to the international CHRISTian Satellite Network CSNRADIO .com SEVEN days a week especially Monday – Friday. I even listened to it in Germany 🇩🇪 and Hungary 🇭🇺 !

        I LIVED IN, not just visited communist China 🇨🇳 in 2010 . So I KNOW how bad it is to live under communism and I am doing EVERYthing I can here to stop it from coming here. Venezuela WAS a wealthy, prosperous country until it became communist as a 3rd world country with people eating out of garbage cans !!! In China, I attended a university that not only can one get a master’s degree in Marxism, but it had a statue of Chairman Mao in its front yard.
        ( I was fortunate to stumble upon ONE toilet at the university. Every other restroom had stinky porcelain holes in the ground we had to squat over. Upon entering the front entrance to the university and near the plush 28 story building I lived in, the stench was so bad, you had to hold your nose. Electrical wiring hung from the ceiling of the two buildings too. )

        To quote Eskify, “ Through communist policies he starved millions of people, possibly as many as 80 million. He killed any intellectuals who disagreed with him, he put people in labour camps, and condoned beating and stoning people to death in struggle sessions.“

        I saw the plans of the left on their own letterhead paper to murder us, especially the seniors and disabled, and the vaccines 💉 is just one of the ways. ( To build your immunity, eat foods made from GOD like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and walnuts. Take a healthy vitamin-mineral drink, Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin D-3, and Vitamin A daily. Get 8 hours of sleep daily and exercise. I don’t wear a mask because it’s unhealthy unless I am forced to in which case I wear an accepted face shield so that I can breathe AND I am trying to make a political and health statement by NOT wearing one. We are NOT cows waiting for the slaughter. We are humans who can reason. ) Read the first sentence of the Georgia Guidestones also known as Georgia Stonehenge supported by the left elitists .

        Go to Videos.Utahgunexchange .com and get
        “The Epic Times” at $1 for the first month.

        Patriots unite or we will lose our country like China , Cuba, and Venezuela did !!!

    1. I know it was rigged from the beginning… When Trump was ahead by 12,000 votes over Biden then within a few hours it was flipped where Biden was ahead by 12,000 votes over Trump which is mathematically impossible….. so I know it was rigged. This has been planned since Trump took office, yet he is the only president that was for American citizens and put us first. Why aren’t the Democrats for American citizens? Mail in voting should be illegal.

    2. You’re right the more they do the more pathetic and idiotic they look and they are and they all have been tyranny and treason and they all need to go to the big house in handcuffs everyone of them snakes need to go and they’re all out on top of her slithering filthy Rox now it’s all a sham it’s all a crappy day it’s all based on hatred I don’t even have any of them can look in the mirror it’s just absolutely unbelievable and now even McConnell and all of them is in a black money dark many Chinese money lining their pockets old and isn’t the plan Demic great too because that’s exactly the plan Demic they knew this was coming it’s actually biological warfare so I didn’t know that everything’s fine yeah I think a lot of them need all of them need to go to prison all of them may God bless America and God keep trumps family safe this is all a usIt’s all a set up it’s all fake show Godspeed

  5. Thank you Senator Paul. At least someone is sane in this crazy scheme. Please keep up your good work and all the other senators that are behind you. I commend you to the fullest to keep fighting for our rights

    1. Good for you Mr. Kahoun, I also changed parties in 2008, because I didn’t like the Dem party’s agenda anymore , and for a long time I hadn’t voted Dem, because of their gun control tactics and the abortion laws

    2. Thank you Senator Paul for standing up for what is right. Few senators stand up for right anymore… they just go along with whatever is proposed just like a river flowing nowhere.

  6. The impeachment is wrong. Have you noticed that far left cause all these distractions such as impeachment, violent riots, defunded police
    etc. to keeps eyes off their corruption. They project their own corruption onto others falsely. They are full of hatred and destruction. Keep your eyes wide open on the truth and justice.

  7. Thank you, Senator Paul. The Country is at a new starting line and if both sides set their personal agenda aside, we can hope for a much more “United” States of America.

    1. It’s an admirable idea HD, but communists NEVER set their agendas aside! Their idea of bipartisanship is ‘ you agree with me or take a hike’. Just like biden calling for unity while ‘selling’ division!! I expect Miriam Webster Is scrambling to get whatever the commies new definition of unity is going to be incorporated into the dictionaries. SAD!!

  8. thank you Senator Paul for being the voice of Reason. Pelosi needs to be removed before she starts a civil war or something with this sham of an impeachment. There can be no unity as long as she continues with this anger she is sprewing. Many need to thing about Cheney and what can happen at home to them at their next elections if they continue to back this mess. I’m watching the members from Virginia closely and any that are involved or even trying to side with her are going on my black list for the next election period their names come up in. I’m sure there are other folks doing the same in their states. The Dems could loose their majority real quick if Pelosi doesn’t grow a set and back off.

  9. Why the H do we have a Supreme Court if the one that can stop this farce will not step in and say enough is enough. No more tax payer dollars to be wasted on a vindictive and obsessive Democrat Party. It isn’t your money they are wasting so no big deal. Our government is corrupt and too scared they might loose their gravy ticket. Fire Pelosi for a start and than impeach Biden and Harris. Can anyone in DC do anything??? If not we need to we eliminate some government jobs.

    1. It’s Roberts constitutional responsibility to oversee impeachment trials in the senate.
      Roberts should be summoned before the senate and explain why he refused his constitutional responsibility to preside over this unconditional senate impeachment trial.
      It appears to me that Roberts is able to preside over Trump’s senate impeachment trial but is not willing.
      I don’t think it is Roberts choice to make, but his constitutional responsibility.

        1. If Roberts won’t proceed then it is unconstitutional so why proceed?
          Roberts should slap Nancy’s articles of impeachment down……

  10. How can anybody ask the most dangerous person in congress to leave; signatures?the GOP need to unite to turn the table around; A civil war? Surely they know the answers

  11. with what Joe Biden is doing to our country many more Millions Democrats are leaving the party they are now seeing the true colors of the democratic party which isn’t good ain’t going to matter who’s running is the next election because nobody’s going to vote for Democrats after what they’re doing to our country

    1. With what the Demoncrats are doing, and will do, to our country, there might not be a “next election”, period!!!

    2. Oh yes they will. There is always some fools that will vote Democrat. The Democratic party is so fractured it needs to be scrapped and get back to the original roots of the party. Republican party is becoming more radical with the RINO’s that it has become fragile. Get back to your roots.

  12. Well we all know Joe Biden did the crime they try to impeach a sitting president for.. . and he should be impeached and he should be impeached as well as Kamala Harris for enticing violence and and violence there’s a video proving it

  13. seems to be all the Democrats must have been bitten by the same rabid dog and forgot to seek medical treatment . its to late they are frothing at the mouth. maybe we need to have animal control and give them a shot to put them down!

    1. How about the Democrats representing their constituents needs for once in the life. How about producing legislature which doesn’t include pork barrel funding. How about doing your job to the best of your ability. How about resolving issues like welfare reform, tax reform, immigration reform, economy reform. How about the Democrats quit infringing on the citizens constitutional rights and obey the US Constitution. How about it Democrats?

  14. Is releasing murderers, rapists, robbers, drug dealers, etc. “sufficient” evidence to IMPEACH a “sitting” POTUS? Hmmmmm…?

    …does this “executive order” not put U.S. Citizens (me) at risk?
    …open Borders = Invasion?

    WAKE UP AMERICA…for GOD’S sake…if not your own!

  15. The Democrat do not see what needs to be done so they are reverting back to trying to make noise that the fake news can report. If they would spend the money this fake movement will take and put it to good use, like a wall to stop illegal aliens, maybe the the news people would have something positive to report on.

  16. Idiot’s,dumb arses,and now Impeach Biden/Harris leave Trump alone and while at it get that crazy woman outta there……….she is a FRUITCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bIDEN SHOULDN’T EVEN BE ON A POLL,MAYBE UNDER ONE…………HMMMMMMM GOOD IDEA,GLAD I THOUGHT OF IT

    1. Gerald, ever heard of Vlad the Impaler? Look him up and see how he handled things. Barbaric but it sure would get peoples attention and maybe give them second thought to screwing WE the People. Needs to happen to most of the congress as well as the other traitors (Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Hitlery and all the rest of Obongos cohorts.

  17. Rand Paul is correct!! Dismiss before beginning!! It is just some trumped up stuff (they HAVE NOTHING WITH WHICH TO IMPEACH!!). Someone with some authority should be able to stop this kangaroo court!!! THANK YOU RAND PAUL. YOU ALWAYS, ALWAYS STICK BY THE TRUTH!! This is why we like you.

      1. I’m sorry Sharon, I really don’t mean to pick on you, it’s just coincidence, but Pelosi doesn’t have lineage, she has sewage.

  18. Pelosi is so paranoid, she is extremely paranoid ! She is eating the wrong foods, her who body is falling apart and it can’t function normally. The whole Democratic Party is paranoid, what are they all eating to cause this ?

    1. I don’t know what they’re eating now, but if they continue on this way they’ll soon be eating each other. When that starts, it’s time to jump on them with both feet!

  19. They y pushing the american citizens to far. Next we’ll be told to raise our hands and say Hiel Biden to the Democrats. Don’t hold your breath Adolph. I’m done, I will not take a knee to anyone. You want to scare us, isn’t going to happen. You have wished for more than you can handle. Do not be surprised with what happens next. Get in your basement comrade biden, it could get really nasty. Ask your nurse for some tranquilizers.

  20. Actually the whole Dem party should be terminated and renamed communist party. They DO NOT represent an American party. Its leaders are commie paid and do not represent the common good of Americans. I think we should have a system like other countries have that allows NO CONFIDENCE votes whereby an elected official can be rejected,. Since Biden was fraudulently elected in the first place, his decisions upfront have been the reversal of popular and effective decisions by the most successful president in the last 50 years, I think it would be in our best interest to do so, especially now that he has reversed decisions that were part of his campaign that people voted for, excluding the phony millions of illegal votes.

  21. This impeachment sham has two reasons, number one is Pelosi’s maniacal need for revenge against Trump who exposed her for the power mad, greedy,arrogant elitist she is. The second reason is to deflect attention from her communist plans for America. Impeach Pelosi. !!!!

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