Paul Pelosi attacker brought up on federal charges

The man accused of attacking Paul Pelosi with a hammer has been charged by a federal grand jury.

David DePape, 42, was charged with assault and kidnapping in a new indictment handed down Wednesday, Fox News reported.

Pelosi attacker indicted

DePape was charged with one count of assault upon an immediate family member of a U.S. official with the intent to retaliate against the official on account of the performance of official duties and one count of attempted kidnapping of a U.S. official on account of the performance of official duties.

He faces a maximum of 30 years in prison for the assault charge, and 20 years for the attempted kidnapping charge. DePape also faces state charges for attempted murder and other crimes.

DePape was allegedly planning to kidnap and torture Pelosi’s wife Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) when he broke into the couple’s home in late October.

DePape, who is an illegal immigrant from Canada, told police that Speaker Pelosi was on his “target list” and that he intended to break her “kneecaps” if “she lied.” Paul Pelosi told police that he was awoken by DePape, who asked where Nancy Pelosi was.

Democrats have blamed the attack on the political right. But much remains unclear about the bizarre incident, which transpired shortly before the midterm elections.

Questions remain

The indictment says that the officers were wearing body cameras when they opened the door (earlier reports indicated that Paul Pelosi opened it), but the police have refused to release the footage.

Police have described an unusual scene: when they opened the door, they found Pelosi and DePape struggling over a hammer. DePape struck Pelosi with it, leaving Pelosi in a pool of blood. DePape reportedly told police he broke into the house by smashing a glass door with the hammer.

A retracted report from NBC News saying that Paul Pelosi did not appear to be in distress when police arrived at the scene raised further questions.

According to the 911 dispatcher, Pelosi said that DePape was a “friend” and gave his first name, although the indictment emphasizes that Pelosi “made clear in the 9-1-1 call that he did not know who the man was” and that DePape, not Pelosi, used the word “friend.”

Pelosi is back home from the hospital and recovering from the attack, which left him with a fractured skull.